Welcome to Twilight: The Missing Pieces

Are you a Twilight junkie? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You will know what I mean when I say that some important pieces are missing from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. The biggest missing piece is the second half of Midnight Sun, Edward Cullen’s  Twilight story. In fact, Edward’s been given short shrift in a number of ways. This website is here to correct that.

Here at “Twilight: The Missing Pieces,” you will find a new version of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga as seen through Edward’s eyes. Originally, I intended to write only the missing second half of Meyer’s unpublished book, Midnight Sun, and then to write Edward’s version of the Cullens’ honeymoon. However, one thing led to another and after finishing those projects, I ended up completing all four books in the saga, plus several extras.

The first book posted here, which I call Midnight Sun, Part II, consists of the missing second half of Ms. Meyer’s Chapter 12, “Complications,” twelve additional chapters, and the “Epilogue.” As with all of the books, you can read Midnight Sun on its own or alongside Bella’s story as told in Twilight.

The second book to be posted here was Breaking Dawn: Edward. I began with what I call the Honeymoon Series, a set of chapters penned by Edward chronicling the Cullens’ South American honeymoon—the important missing bits. (You all know what I’m talking about.) Readers then pressed for more pieces of the book and so I posted the Nuptials Series (the Cullens’ engagement and wedding), the Pregnancy Series, the New Life Series, and finally, the Doomsday Series, completing the book.
[Note: Breaking Dawn: Edward is sexually explicit. Chapters flagged NC-17  are intended for mature readers only.]

The next project selected by a poll of readers was New Moon: Edward, followed by Eclipse: Edward.

Somewhere along the way, Edward wrote a booklet advising other vampires who find themselves in his delicate situation on how to care for their human companion/lover/spouse and keep them alive. It is called the Vampire’s Guide to the Care & Maintenance of a Human Being

Edward also wrote the Private Diary of Edward A. Cullen, which contains secrets, stories, and musings not recorded elsewhere, including tales of Renesmee’s childhood. Twenty years later, he began a second diary called Twenty Years On in which he tells of events that occurred between the years 2012 and 2033, including tales of Jacob and Renesmee’s life together (ongoing).

Finally, Edward is writing a travelogue called Together Away, which tells of his and Bella’s getaway to Florida, Isle Esme, and Europe in the year 2015 (ongoing). (Courtesy of guest author Julie Vans. Check out her erotica website here.)

I hope you enjoy these continuing stories of Edward, Bella, and the Cullens. If you know someone who would like them, pass the word.

Aside from the world of Twilight, the menu item, Other Projects, contains original short stories and excerpts from my novels in progress. At the moment, I’m editing my first novel, working title The Snake Handler’s Daughter (formerly Miss Martha Browne), and drafting my second, working title Trouble in Amity. They are the first two novels in a series about unconventional love set in the fictional town of Amity, Kentucky. The characters include a snake handler’s aging daughter, a disgraced priest with the power to heal, a church-going gay couple with differing standards of fidelity, a pair of precocious, identical twin boys, a randy divorcee, and a male cross dresser with an ax to grind. Shake and stir.

The last menu item is the SHOP where you’ll find hand-crafted goat milk soaps from our fellow Twilight fan, Heidi, at Sunset Pines Naturals. She makes a range of soaps and lotions, but I draw your attention especially to her Twilight Collection, which capture the essence in color and scent of the Twilight characters and settings. They are wonderful in every respect—handmade art from a fan of this website. She offers fellow fans a discount with the “Twilight PAL” checkout code.

Beyond that, the SHOP page has turned into its own blog of sorts (no longer being updated), highlighting Twilight books, movies, and music available from Amazon.com, along with personal commentary on my favorite things. From there, you can visit the Shop Erotica pages, which contain pointers to some of the best erotic romance fiction I’ve found. Or, you can jump to the Shop Vampire & Paranormal Fiction page and find other interesting series in that genre, including books by the “Mistress of Vampire Fiction,” Anne Rice.

As of September 2012, I’ve finally joined the world on Facebook. There’s a page for PA Lassiter and one for “Twilight Missing Pieces” where I’ll announce either my Twilight work or my personal work. Also, I’ll tweet the same on Twitter. Finally, I’ve posted my favorite Breaking Dawn Pt 2 photos from the movie at Pinterest. See you there!

Facebook: Twilight Missing Pieces or PA Lassiter
Twitter: PALassiter (twitter.com/palassiter)
Pinterest: PALassiter (pinterest.com/palassiter)

This blog is written for entertainment purposes, a means of sharing some work I have done which I think  others will enjoy.  Feel free to write comments or ask questions or recommend your own favorite books and series on the relevant SHOP pages.

All files are in PDF format.

N.B. Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight Saga and owns the copyrights thereto. I hereby reserve any copyrights pertaining to this original material to PA Lassiter. This material is not intended for sale in any form.

417 Responses to Welcome to Twilight: The Missing Pieces

  1. Laura says:

    Hi- do you think you come up with something that indicates how much Charlie knows? Bella and Edward severed their ties with Renee, but Charlie seems to be “in on the game” … what is he thinking (or guessing)? I know Bella said “he didn’t need to know” but still he must some thoughts about why no one is aging.

    • PA Lassiter says:

      Hi Laura,
      I’ve been thinking about this since you wrote your comment, about what Charlie really knows and how could Edward detect that. The answer to your question is “Yes” because, of course, one can write around virtually any topic if it’s interesting enough, and I find your questions here quite interesting. So let me think out loud about this for a moment. Originally, Jacob presented the idea that Charlie simply had to ask no questions at all if he wanted Bella to stay in Forks. That was fine with Charlie because after he saw Jacob phase into a wolf form, he metaphorically shut his eyes and put his fingers in his ears–he seriously did not want to know anything about the supernatural stuff going on around him. In Edward’s version of Breaking Dawn , Edward–who we know has trouble reading Charlie’s mind–caught the word “angel” in Charlie’s thoughts when he first met Bella after her change. It was the only reference Charlie had for what he was seeing, though Bella didn’t exactly match what an angel would be like in his imagination. Jacob has told Charlie that Bella does not turn into an animal (as Jacob turns into a wolf), and in my mind at least, the word “vampire” has never occurred to Charlie.

      So, what does he know? He knows his daughter is cold and hard like a statue, that her eyes are very bright, and that her mannerisms are fast, jerky, and highly alert, and that she is abnormally graceful, which is a huge change for Bella. He knows that his granddaughter grew up four times faster than a normal child and that she can communicate through her hand. He comes to know, over time, that Bella is not aging. He knows that she does not eat. He knows that his granddaughter is his blood relation–she has his curly hair and Bella’s former eyes. He knows that Bella now resembles the rest of the Cullens, whom he recognizes are, as a group, different than ordinary human beings. What does all this add up to to a human who is unacquainted with (and uninterested in) supernatural folklore? I think the answer is “nothing.” It makes no sense. It doesn’t match any known form that Charlie would have encountered. And he’s not like Bella in this area, someone who would seek out books of folklore for answers. He’s very much bound to the physical, the laws of evidence, and cause and effect as a police officer. So he blocks it from his mind and just hopes that Bella and Renesmee will continue to be a part of his life for the rest of his life.

      Those are my immediate thoughts on the issue. Soon, though, I’ll be rereading Edward’s diary and Twenty Years On and seeing what stories remain to be told to fill in some of these blanks. I might come across more dangling threads of information and find a new idea to explore in this area. Thanks for spurring me to think about this issue and let me know if you have other thoughts about it. -PAL

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