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How the Cullens Make Their Money

A reader asked me a question (thanks, Uma!) about how Edward and the rest of the Cullens make their money. I thought others might be interested in the answer, so here it is. Edward’s money comes largely from investments suggested … Continue reading

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More Great Finds in 50 Shades of Grey

This post is my second on the topic of great fanfiction I’ve discovered in my recent wanderings around social media. Previously, I posted some fanfiction finds that tell the Cullens’ honeymoon story from Bella’s point-of-view. This time, my focus is … Continue reading

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Sexy At Seventeen

Working on my novel, I’ve come to a place (influenced initially by Twilight, then by Fifty Shades of Grey, and finally by my recent reading in the burgeoning industry of alternative erotica) where two 17-year-olds are about to hook up with a … Continue reading

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The Masen House

Ever wonder how Edward grew up in Chicago? Here are photos of the family house which he inherits from himself every twenty-five or thirty years. It is located on N. Dearborn Parkway.

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