Twenty Years On

Twenty years have passed since Edward kept a diary documenting secrets and stories from his long life. The year is now 2032 and he’s at it again, reminiscing about the turns his life has taken since 2012.

from Edward Cullen’s Diary:

Cullen CrestDECEMBER 2032
Meeting Mike*
Losing Her

The Accident
The Aftermath: Carmageddon*

MARCH 2033
Windows to the Womb……Videos: Turning a Breech Baby, Cows with Windows

Sarabel Edilia Black

Sarabel Edilia Black

Silent Screams (NC-17**)

JUNE 2033
The Day We Died

JULY 2033
Nessie’s Pictures

Death of a Dream





*Courtesy of author Julie Vans
**Mature material, 17+

487 Responses to Twenty Years On

  1. Emily Cumming says:

    I love your work so so much and I’m so incredibly grateful that you let your creativity run wild to create these beautiful stories! They truly fill my need for more Twilight content LOL! I hope that one day you are inspired to continue writing πŸ™‚


  2. Collins says:

    I really enjoyed and appreciate your work, this book really taught me a lot.


  3. kevin says:

    Awesome Work! Want to know when new Chapter will be posted.
    i have read all of your Twilight Works, And i am really impressed. The fact it sticks to the main story is really good.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. I love your fan fiction! I’m currently reading through the first book, Midnight Sun. I took a break to read these short entries. I love that you reference real streets in Seattle (I live in Capitol Hill πŸ™‚ ) I’m so glad I stumbled across your work.


  5. Jane Black says:

    I agree. The creator gave them a happy ending. That is what they should have.


  6. Jackie says:

    Hi. There’s just no denying you’re an awesome writer/author. I’ve started reading Part 2 of Midnight Sun, and I was happy I can finally have some window into the rest of the story through Edward’s POV. But then I switched first to 20 Years On because I was so curious as to what might have been their lives after the event with the Volturi. I’m sorry, but all this doom and gloom you weaved for the Cullens, you’ve single handedly tore apart a family that’s supposed to be tight knit.

    (***Comment edited; spoilers deleted here. PAL***)
    I know it won’t always be unicorns and rainbows after Breaking Dawn was finished, but most readers have this sense of….closure, if you must, that all will be well. I’ve always pictured the Cullen’s (now including Bella and Nessie) on another state, starting high school for the nth time and just basically being one big happy family.

    I’m sorry for the long comment. And I don’t mean to criticize. I’m just airing my disappointment about the story you’ve created for the Cullens. After all they’ve been through, I think they’re entitled to have a happy ending.

    I love your writing, and I will continue to read the other Twilight stories from Edward’s POV, but I think I’ll stop there. I would still like to have the great ending Stephenie Meyer has given me.


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Fair enough, Jackie. Sometimes in our efforts to write drama, we can overdo it and create relentless doom and gloom instead. Half of these short stories are mine, half were written by Julie Vans, and perhaps we both focused too much on the negative future potentials for the Cullens. These are snapshot events and I always intended to create a fuller picture of their future, another happy ending if you will, but the project stalled, so here we are. -PAL


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