This page introduces portions of “Twilight: The Missing Pieces” in audio format read by Christy S. Her self-introduction follows as well as links to her work as it becomes available.


Hello.  This is Christy, a fan of the Twilight Saga and the work done by PA Lassiter.  With a lack of audio available for the best Twilight FanFic, I created a YouTube channel to fill some of that void. It’s called Twilight FanFic Audio.

My hopes and plans are to continue to improve the quality of audio and continue to make audio fan fiction.

Midnight Sun, Part I, by Stephenie Meyer

Read by Christy S.

Chapters 1 through 12-A

Midnight Sun, Part II, by PA Lassiter

Read by Christy S.

Chapters 12-B through Epilogue

5 Responses to Audio

  1. G.C. says:

    The audios are not really clear for me, but I absolutely love your books. I may stick to just reading them instead. 🙂


  2. Cheryl merrittt says:

    Hope you record more of these writings soon. Please. Thank you so much. ⭐️


  3. lilmommatush says:

    Are these two audio files available on your YouTube channel?


    • PA Lassiter says:

      They are indeed available, but not on my channel. A volunteer named Christy S. has been producing YouTube audio files of Midnight Sun, the first half by Stephenie Meyer and the second half by me. I have yet to announce the files on my blog, but you can go listen to them right now. -PAL


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