Together Away

The year 2015 was a watershed for Bella and Edward Cullen. Their daughter had finally recovered from injuries she suffered in a car accident in 2013, and they had just weathered the upheaval of breaking off contact with Bella’s mother forever. They needed a break. They needed to get away. They needed to be together, just the two of them.

Here you will find the diary entries Edward wrote documenting the lovers’ travels in 2015. The series begins with Bella finding inspiration for the trip in the Olympic Mountains.  Six months later, the couple leaves for Jacksonville, Florida, and then moves on to Isle Esme to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary before heading overseas.

The Mountain

AUGUST, 2015

Isle Esme, Part 1 (NC-17)


Isle Esme, Part 2 (NC-17)





JulieVansThis series, based on Twilight: The Missing Pieces, was conceived and written by author Julie Vans. Writing stories as Edward Cullen is one of the many projects she has taken on in the last year. Life is busy, but she always leaves room for the Cullens amid the bedlam. She writes erotica under the name of Judy Canter. You’ll find her website here.

[Series edited by P. A. Lassiter]

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  1. Akshata Talankar says:

    Please write some more… Its magical…


  2. Shin says:

    More please 😕


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