Contents: Breaking Dawn (Edward)

N.B. The HONEYMOON series and several other individual chapters contain material of a sexual nature that is meant for mature audiences. The more explicit of these are marked NC-17, meaning not suitable for children under 17. The less explicit are marked MA, meaning for mature readers. (All remaining chapters are suitable for young adults.)

Author’s Introduction

1. Family Matters
2. Prenuptials (PG-13)
3. The Big Day

4. Swimming (NC-17)
5. Trying (NC-17)
6. Dreams (MA)
7. Premeditating (NC-17)
8A. Foreboding (NC-17) *
8B. Exploring (NC-17)
9. Truth

10. Divided (NC-17)
11. Sonogram (NC-17)
12. Starving
13. Jacob
14. Blood
15. Broken
16. Magic
17. Undivided
18. Birth and Death
19. Surprises
20. Family
21. Rebirth

Book 3a: NEW LIFE
22. Awakening
23. Hunting
24. Bet
25. Merry Meet
26. Reunited (NC-17)
27. Revelation
28. Dangerous
29. Heaven (NC-17)
30. Charlie (NC-17)
31. Child Rearing
32. Sue
33. Horsing Around (NC-17)
34. Words
35. Extended Family
36. Walking (NC-17)
37. Interlude (NC-17)
38. Hunting Revisited
39. Education
40. Alterations (NC-17!!)
41. Making Plans
42. A Day Apart (NC-17)

43. Discovered (NC-17)
44. Defection
45. Renesmee’s Story
46. Eleazar
47. Witnesses (NC-17)
48. Training
49. Deception
50. Final Days
51. Confrontation
52. Contrivances
53. Superpower
54. Denouement
55. The Happily Ever After
56. After That

The End

*Shower scene courtesy of writer Julie Vans


For your e-reader, a single file: Breaking Dawn (Edward) by PA Lassiter


722 Responses to Contents: Breaking Dawn (Edward)

  1. Rachel says:

    I just started on the Breaking Dawn volume, but felt I had to take a pause to make some comments that have been coming to me as I read the first three.

    I feel that the author has truly outdone themselves writing from Edward’s perspective.

    True to its intent, the books really do fill in on the “missing pieces”. For example, details that I had wondered about while reading Bella’s perspective–how do they deal with her menstrual cycle, and other bodily inconveniences like morning breathe 🙂

    Also, the vulnerability and fragileness of their relationship and each of their feelings becomes doubly pronounced when Edward’s perspective is made available. The author follows the emotional path of Ms. Meyer’s story incredibly well and did an incredible job in building the emotional layers of Edward as complementary to the original story, and is neither overly excessive nor lacking. Further, I really admire the call to minute, but enhancing details like the 1800 gold leaf embossment for their wedding invitation, which I think was only mentioned in passing in the original novel. Such attention to details of the characters make the story a lot more enjoyable than if it only focused on their relationships or if it were a close repetition of the original novels.

    Overall I am so happy that the author took the trouble to write the story from Edward’s perspective. Moreover, I am thankful that the author is a great writer and story teller, who has managed to portray their love story under a very tasteful light. I had always wished to hear the story from Edward, and it was such a pity that Ms. Meyer decided to not continue with Midnight Sun, but the work that has been done here, to me, really fills the gap.

    It has given me great pleasure to read these books. Please know that I think you did a wonderful service for people who feel truly touched by the story of Bella and Edward and I can’t wait to finish the rest, as well as the later year epilogues! 😀


  2. Rachelle says:

    Have you printed any of these books? I would happily buy them.


  3. Kiki says:

    Welp, its 2018 and I’ve been wanting to read the twilight books again but in edpov. I came across your website and read the first chapter of BD and was immediately
    Hooked after that. I gotta say that the way you wrote BD is way better than the original version of SM. I learned things I didnt even know or catch on while reading the original. I love the way you portrayed Edward and his vast mind. I simply loved your work. I stayed up late nights reading I just couldn’t put it down, I cried and laughed and felt so many emotions. Thank you again. On to eclipse lol (reading it backwards)


  4. Mo says:

    Hi! Been a fan of your work for a very long time! I always wanted to ask you whether you have any plans for future twilight books? Especially after Stephanie released Life and Death I was hoping that maybe you had plans in mind for that, maybe an Edythe & Beau version of Forever Dawn? Since the events in New Moon and Eclipse don’t apply to them because Beau is already a vampire.


  5. Marissa says:

    I love these. Is there any way i could get a hard copy? Id love to keep this in my personal library and read it over and over again. I cant get enough. ❤❤❤❤


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Hi Marissa,
      You are welcome to print off any of the books for your own personal use. Since I don’t own the copyright to the Twilight universe, I can’t legally sell copies. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the work, though.


  6. Amelia S says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your books. Your thoughts and ideas explained a great deal more than S. Meyers ever did to me and I really loved the detail, not to mention how interesting it was reading through Edwards POV. The multitude of increasingly descriptive sex scenes was a little OTT for me though but the rest of it was brilliant lol!


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Ha ha! Yeah, Amelia, I get the OTT-ness. I was inspired by my discovery of the then-burgeoning genre of erotic romance literature, which was increasingly becoming mainstreamed at the time I created the website. It was fun to write, but it’s not for everybody. 😉


      • Rachel says:

        I actually thought it made a nice addition! And that it’s fairly realistic too from a gender specific perspective with Edward being “a boy” afterall and whatnot. And Jacob too xD. It also makes them more real-life like and really tones down Bella’s innocent view of God-like Edward, pure-friend Jacob, and everybody’s-of-course-nice classmates.


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