Midnight Sun Audio Book

Recently, a Twilight fan contacted me about producing an audio version of Midnight Sun. This is something that has been requested frequently over the years and so I enthusiastically present her work.

Christy S. is the producer of a YouTube channel which presents readings of her favorite Twilight fan fiction to a video background. Here are the links to her recently posted readings of Midnight Sun:

Midnight Sun, Part I  by Stephenie Meyer (Audio, read by Christy S.)

Midnight Sun, Part II by P.A. Lassiter (Audio, read by Christy S.)

You’ll want to to check out all of Christy S.’s Twilight fan fiction productions, located at Twilight FanFic Audio.  Christy has devoted a great deal of effort and time to give us another way to enjoy Twilight fan fiction. The Audio page on this website provides more information and links.

You can leave comments here or directly on Christy’s YouTube channel. Perhaps if there is enough interest, she’ll be inspired to produce more of “Twilight: The Missing Pieces.” I hope so.

Happy New Year and enjoy!


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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? And Two Million Views

Those of you who directly visit “Twilight: The Missing Pieces” and have sharp eyes may have noticed a new tab that recently appeared on the menu at the top of each page: Translations. Twice in the past six months, I’ve been approached by wonderful readers who have offered to translate one or another of the books on this website into their native languages.

The first person who has followed through on that offer is Annkatrin Pedersen, a mathematics, biology, and Swedish language instructor who lives in northern Germany near Hamburg. I read a little German myself and am thrilled with the quality and attention to detail that Annkatrin has put into her translation of Midnight Sun (Mitternachtsonne), both the original first half written by Stephenie Meyer (Part I) and my version of the second half of the book (Part II). Vielen Dank (many thanks) for all the time and energy you put into this translation, Anki! I hope to post more of her wonderful German translations of Edward’s point of view in the future. Readers from Germany are consistently some of the most frequent visitors to this website from non-native-English readers.

I am open to posting other quality translations of the books on “Twilight: The Missing Pieces.” Readers from the former Soviet Union, many of whom read Russian as well as their native languages, are visiting the website in large numbers, as are readers from all over India. Portuguese and Spanish translations would also be widely read, judging by visitor statistics. If you have a translation you’d like to offer of one or more of the “Twilight: The Missing Pieces” books from Edward’s point-of-view, you can contact me using the form on the About the Author page. I also welcome any comments or feedback on any of the translations posted.

Speaking of readership numbers, I noticed this morning that this website is on target to reach 2 million views today! I am overwhelmed and immensely grateful to all of you who have visited and continue to visit, even though I’m not writing Twilight material currently. The love of Stephenie Meyer’s original books lives on, and I am thrilled to be a part of that.

Since publishing my first novel, The Snake Handler’s Daughter, I’ve experienced a great shyness about blogging, but I hope to remedy that going forward. I still read and respond to every comment on this website and will also do so on my separate author’s website, PALassiter.com, as I blog there in future.

Again, thank you for all the love, enthusiasm, and support you’ve shown me during the past four years! xx,

PhoebeAnn Lassiter (PAL)

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Book Release: The Snake Handler’s Daughter!

A while back, I wrote a blog post to reveal the cover of my brand-new novel titled The Snake Handler’s Daughter: Tales of Sex and Intrigue in Amity, Kentucky. Not moments after I hit “Publish” on the post, I received an email message from my publisher (The New Atlantian Library) saying the book had already gone live on Amazon. Lots of you hopped over and took a look at it, and I thank you for that! Reviews are coming in and I thought I’d share some of what readers are saying:

“‘Sex and intrigue,’ indeed, and who’s to say of which we get more? A cast of real characters (in several senses) wrestle with hankerings, infatuations, and embarrassing exposure in a small Eastern Kentucky town. PA Lassiter weaves an elaborate tapestry, draped reverently around the local Episcopal church’s loose-knit community, which has welcomed their new priest without realizing from whence he comes. Sordid secrets and exquisite entanglements are revealed from very personal points-of-view, frequently peeping thru windows or sneaking thru hedges or slipping in back doors…. The wordplay is as delightful as the foreplay, satisfying our cravings for delicious detail, and by the end of this endearing romp we embrace these now familiar folk as if they were our own neighbors and friends. And, like a good fencetop raconteur, she leaves us awaiting the next juicy tale.”JulianCC

“This book is a hoot. Pour yourself a bourbon and settle in for a delicious read... this novel manages to show human beings at their very desperate, and does it with heart, humor, and affection. I enjoyed immersing myself in the world of Amity, Kentucky because it’s filled with people who are, at their base, good, who want to do their best, and who often fail in the most spectacular ways.” –Emma

“The surprising thing for me…is that a first-time author has created a character I find not just memorable, but unlike any other I can recall. [Martha Browne] does not see herself as you see her, and your opinion is simply irrelevant to her view of the world. As with [Stephen] King, you want to look away, but you cannot help peeking through your fingers to see what’s going to happen next. With its explicit sex and variegated plot and high-quality prose, this is a hard novel to pigeonhole. However…this is a real talent at work here. Whatever else you take away from this book, I guarantee you will never forget Martha.” –Ron L. Burk

“I have read thousands of books and rarely is there one that is so original in its concept, its style and its writing. Read this book. It’s great, it feels very real and the characters are fully developed. This book left me wanting to know more about what will happen to these people. I hope there will be more.”Ellen

Jean Carper, New York Times best-selling author, has this to say:

“I am one of P. A. Lassiter’s biggest fans. She’s hilarious, outrageous, and fearless in her description of life, sex and love in a small Midwestern town of the type I grew up in. You’re in for a wild ride.”

As of yesterday, The Snake Handler’s Daughter is available from multiple suppliers in both print and ebook formats.

Print edition, 6″ x 9″ soft cover available at:

Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Ebook edition available at:

Barnes and Noble

The Snake Handler’s Daughter will be available soon at Smashwords, BooksAMillion, and iBooks.

UPDATE: The links above are for the U.S. retailers. I’ve been told by readers in Canada, the U.K., and Australia that they have been able to buy it in their countries. The book is up in India, but I haven’t heard whether anyone has successfully purchased a copy there. Please let me know in the comments if you were not able to get the book in your country!


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The Snake Handler’s Daughter Cover Reveal!

UPDATE: THE EBOOK VERSION IS NOW LIVE ON AMAZON. You can buy it here: The Snake Handler’s Daughter: Tales of Sex & Intrigue in Amity, Kentucky.

2ND UPDATE, THE PRINT VERSION IS NOW LIVE. You can buy it here: The Snake Handler’s Daughter: Tales of Sex & Intrigue In Amity, Kentucky

3RD UPDATE, THE EPUB IS LIVE ON BARNES & NOBLE: The Snake Handler’s Daughter on BN.COM

4th UPDATE, EPUB IS LIVE ON KOBO: The Snake Handler’s Daughter at KoboBooks.com


I was just told by my publisher that my first novel, The Snake Handler’s Daughter, will go live on Amazon within a week in both ebook and print formats. Those of you who have followed this website for a while know that I began working on the novel three years ago, and early on, I posted first draft chapters here. Some of you were kind enough to read them and provide feedback. The book has come a long way since then with your help and encouragement.

Wanna see the cover? Here it is…ta da!

The Snake Handler's Daughter


And here’s the teaser from the back cover:

At 66 years old, Martha Mae Browne, daughter of a snake-handling preacher gone missing, is desperate to find love before her time runs out. Her latest prospect, 43-year-old Arthur Endicott, the new priest at her adopted Episcopal Church, shows great promise, though unbeknownst to her, he’s been banished to Amity for engaging in unseemly behavior in a gay cruising zone in the city. As Arthur tries to redeem himself and reconstruct his destroyed life, he must contend with narcissistic Martha, who will make him hers at any cost. Along the way, he and the other citizens of Amity, Kentucky, seek love for themselves. The full picture comes into focus in a climax of murder, mayhem, and a little bit of magic.

I’ll announce it here when the book is available for purchase. Wheeee!  -PAL

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The Future of the Wolf Packs

Periodically, readers ask questions about the future of the Quileute wolves, so I thought I’d share something I wrote about that topic in an earlier comment.

From Lynette: Do Nessie and Jacob live together forever? I know you mention that Nessie cannot die, but what about her daughter Sarabel and Jacob, can they live forever?

From Vsis:  Do you see Sarabel and any offspring Leah and Fenix may have imprinting on each other, bringing both packs together again?

In my view of the Twilight universe, the answer to all three questions is Yes. As we know, the larger the pack becomes, the more unwieldy and difficult it is to manage. However, as time goes on and the Cullens move away from Forks, the wolves who have imprinted on non-wolves (Sam, Quil, and Paul, among others) will want to start aging again in order to spend their natural lifespans with their human mates. So they will choose to stop phasing, and gradually, the number of wolves will decline.

When the vampires have left the area and the only vampire blood Quileute teenagers are exposed to is Sarabel’s or Renesmee’s diluted versions, fewer youths will phase and a smaller, combined wolf pack will be reestablished with Jacob Black as its leader. Since the wolf gene seeks to perpetuate itself, Leah and Fenix’s children are likely to imprint on other descendants in the tribe who carry the wolf gene.

Jacob Black will not stop phasing because he wants to live as long as forever with Renesmee if he can. Their daughter Sarabel will never be able to stop phasing because her own vampire blood “irritates” her wolf blood. That makes her potentially immortal as well, though both Jacob and Sarabel, like all the wolves, can die if they are injured badly enough.

Jacob will remain the tribal chief and pack leader for as long as he stays in the La Push/Forks area. If and when he leaves with Renesmee, Sarabel will take his place. Sarabel is unlikely ever to bear children because she cannot stop phasing long enough to become fertile, the dilemma that Leah encountered in Breaking Dawn after she began to phase. The Black line of wolves will continue, though, through Jacob’s sister, Rachel, who marries Paul.

Thanks to all the readers for asking such interesting questions. -PAL

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You Too Can Smell Edward’s Scent (or Alice’s or Carlisle’s or…)

One of my favorite everyday indulgences comes from a fellow Twilight lover who expresses that love through her art of soapmaking. Her handcrafted goat’s milk soaps are art objects in themselves and gentle on sensitive skin, but the scents…oh the scents!…are delicious for a Twilight fan. Did you ever wonder what Edward smells like? Alice? Emmett? Esme? Rosalie? Jasper? Carlisle? Bella after her change? Jacob Black? You don’t have to wonder anymore.

I’ve invited my friend, Heidi Ritter, to share how she came to explore the Twilight characters through an unusual medium. Her soaps are wonderful in every respect and give me great joy as an extension to the Twilight experience. I keep a bar of “Edward” near my computer as scent inspiration for writing his point-of-view. You can purchase them from her website, Sunset Pines Naturals, where she graciously offers readers of this blog a 10% discount using the code provided at the end of the post. Take it away, Heidi! -PAL


Why would a grown married woman read a set of novels clearly marketed to young adults? I mean seriously….vampires? werewolves? I’m an adult, right? Right?!?!

Well, I put it off as long as I could, despite the suggestions from my friends that they were worth the read. “Heidi, seriously, you need to read the Twilight books. You’ll like them, I promise.” Yeah, ok, whatever. So I put them on hold at the local library. Audio books are my go-to method of feeding that insatiable need to “read”. In general, I like a wide variety of subject matter and read as much as I can, and often consider suggestions from friends and family about the great book or series they have just finished. So when the title finally became available at the library, I sighed deeply for what I was about to do, then checked it out and transferred it to my MP3 player. I was prepared to start listening, find it unappealing, and move on to the next title in my lineup.

But I got caught up. First, it was set in the Pacific Northwest. Check. I’m from there so the setting came alive to me in vivid detail. Second, it featured an awkward, out-of-place student who didn’t seem to fit in. Check. Third, references to classic literature are both subtly and not so subtly referenced. Check. And finally, its story of first love pulls at your heart strings. Add in just enough of the supernatural to keep it interesting, and I was hooked.

I quickly put the next titles on hold, and relished all the book time I had for the next couple of weeks while I listened to the whole saga. I was particularly intrigued by the detail author Stephenie Meyer included in her characters and settings. It was easy to make the story come alive as I listened, and I found myself searching the internet for even more details on the characters while I painted this picture in my head. I read outtakes and illustrated guides, and cruised around looking at the movie cast as well. I just couldn’t get enough Twilight!

Then I got an idea–I am after all, a creative soul–why not build a tangible connection to this story I inexplicably couldn’t get enough of? Why not bring the characters alive through my own medium? You see, I’m a soapmaker. Miss Meyer did a fine job of describing the Twilight characters by their scents–it’s a theme throughout the entire series–so I embarked on one of my favorite creative endeavors of all time, to develop soaps to represent all the characters. I used only natural ingredients to create the best possible soap and picked all natural colorants and textures to match the characters’ physical descriptions. I followed the scent clues Miss Meyer provided and filled in with my own impressions where she left no specifics. In the end, I created 12 different bars of soap inspired by the Twilight Saga: Bella and Edward, of course, plus Carlisle and Esme, Jasper and Alice, Rosalie and Emmett, Jacob Black, The City of Forks, a special bar for The Meadow, and one for The Volturi. It was one of the most gratifying projects I’ve ever taken on.

Handcrafted Goat's Milk Soap

Twilight-Inspired Handcrafted Goat’s Milk Soaps

Then, in one of my internet crawls, I happened across the Twilight Missing Pieces blog by Phoebe Ann Lassiter. It was brilliant! I loved every chapter she wrote from Edward’s perspective and delighted in her creation of a diary, and all the other writing she gave us. On a whim, and as a way to thank her for the hours of enjoyment I got from her writing, I sent her an email to share my soap creations with her. Over the next few months a beautiful friendship was born, and I now consider “my PAL” one of my dearest friends–and not because she is a wonderful writer, or a big spender at my website, buying many, many, many bars of Twilight soaps–but because of the beautiful human being she is, and the glorious creative mind she shares with all of us.

So, thank you PAL, for your writing, your kindness, and your invitation to guest write on your blog. As always, your readers enjoy a 10% discount on all their purchases from my website when they use the following code during checkout: Twilight PAL (case sensitive)

My hope is that you will enjoy these soaps as a complement to the Twilight series, but also for their intended purpose as exceptional handcrafted bars of soap–with skin-nourishing goodness, thick abundant lather, and, of course, mouthwatering fragrances!

You can find all 12 soaps “flavors” at the Sunset Pines Naturals website. For questions or more information, contact Heidi Ritter.

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Q & A: New Moon

Today, reader Katie asked a question about New Moon from Twilight: The Missing Pieces, and I thought I would share my answer with the followers of the blog.

Q: Which chapter of Edward’s story was the most challenging and which was the most fun to write?

A: The most challenging part of New Moon (Edward) was to fill the time between when Edward abandoned Bella and when he received the phone call from Rosalie telling him that Bella had died. What did he do all those months?

The only hint I had from Stephenie Meyer was that Edward “tracked Victoria” to Texas then to Rio de Janeiro. Ms. Meyer has said that she would never write Edward’s New Moon story because it would be boring, and I had a difficult time trying to make it not boring given how listless, alone, and depressed he was. Edward repeatedly buries himself in the ground in Texas, because he (as well as I) simply needed some time to pass.

No part of writing New Moon was “fun”, exactly, but some parts that captivated me were the scenes where Edward stares out his window in New York, obsessively counting things, while his family members kept interrupting him; and the scene where Carlisle finally grabs Edward around the chest and metaphorically squeezes life back into him, knocking him out of his depressive trance.

It was interesting to write about Alice meeting Edward in New Orleans, the conversations Edward overheard in his attic in Brazil, and the part about Demetri being gay and having the hots for Edward–a little comic relief in the difficult book (inspired by actor Charlie Bewley’s evocative physical appearance in Breaking Dawn, the movie). I enjoyed Edward’s interactions with the Volturi Guard in general: Corin, Felix, Demetri, and Jane and Alex too.

Research-wise, I was fascinated to learn about the colonias on the U.S.-Mexican border, the street children in Rio, the urban favelas in Brazil (so like the U.S. colonias) and, surprisingly, about surgical techniques of the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, in which Carlisle plays a part. I also thoroughly enjoyed making Victoria jump into a tank of sewage. Ha!

As for the hardest and most fun parts of the other books, they each have their own. I enjoyed writing the honeymoon sex scenes because they were just so…absent…in the original saga, and I really liked writing about Renesmee’s childhood in Edward’s Private Diary. I discovered a side of him we didn’t get to know much about in the original books, Edward as a father. I also enjoyed writing about Edward’s sexual angst in Midnight Sun and Eclipse, especially when he goes to his brother Emmett for advice. 🙂

Thanks for asking the question, Katie. -PAL

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One Million Strong

This week when I wasn’t paying attention, the number of views on the Twilight: The Missing Pieces website reached, then quickly surpassed, 1,000,000. Whoa! Most of us author bloggers are happy if we ever reach 10,000, so seeing 100 times that many views is both mind-boggling and thrilling. On this blog, readers who click in generally read 2 to 3 files per visit. Some people read ten, some no doubt click away immediately, but I know that many of you have come back time and time again to revisit the Twilight world from Edward Cullen’s point-of-view.

I wrote as Edward nearly every day for two years, then less often for another year, and now nearly one year beyond that, it’s enormously gratifying that people are still enjoying the work and have a place to come to extend their Twilight experience. I’m with you in that, as I reread one book or another or stories from Edward’s diaries myself every few months. My deepest thanks go to Stephenie Meyer for giving us such a rich world to play in that continues to delight as the Twilight phenomenon fades from the spotlight.

In the last five months, though, I’ve been focused exclusively on editing my novel The Snake Handler’s Daughter (formerly titled Miss Martha Browne). Creating an entirely new world of fictional characters is a much bigger job than writing fanfiction, and my learning curve has been high (meaning 1000s of hours spent). The novel is finally coming together, a tale of one woman’s last-ditch quest for love in the most inappropriate way imaginable. It’s humorous and tragic and examines the lengths to which we all might go for love. I’m working hard on it and hope to publish it in the coming months, after which I plan a few more Twilight stories for the Twenty Years On page. I hope you’ll stick around.

But mostly, today–on the occasion of this big blog milestone–I wanted to reach out after some months of silence to send a great big THANK YOU to all of you who have shared this Twilight journey with me. Writing for people who are eager to read your words is the greatest joy any writer can have.

As for future work, this is where I’ll announce it, here at the blog. This is also where I’ll be posting excerpts, short stories, and other freebies that might come along. I’m in this writing thing for the long haul, one way or another.

Thank you, my friends,
Phoebe Ann Lassiter

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Together Away: Isle Esme, Part 2

Just in time for the holiday season, we bring you the long-awaited latest piece in Julie Vans’ travelogue, Together Away.  This one, titled “Isle Esme, Part 2,” continues the adventures of Edward and Bella on the island on the occasion of their ninth wedding anniversary.

It’s a sexy little number. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Many thanks to my Twilight writing compatriot, Julie Vans. Incidentally, she’s also announcing her new author website, Between the Sheets, where she writes about the art of erotica under the name Judy Canter. Pay her a visit, why don’t you, and I hope you love this piece as much as I do.

Have a Joyful and Happy Merry!  –PAL

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Rosalie Breaks Down

Twilight: The Missing Pieces remains alive and well, despite the completion of the five movies that kept the Twilight phenomenon in the public’s consciousness years beyond the publication of the final book. I keep expecting interest to drop off, for readers of this website to move on. The opposite is happening, though. Visitors continue to arrive in increasing numbers, and I can only surmise that many of us still enjoy visiting (or revisiting) the magical world Stephenie Meyer created.

So I keep fielding requests, and though I write Twilight stories less often as I edit my first novel (working title, Miss Martha Browne) and draft my second (working title, Trouble in Amity), I still find inspiration in the Cullens’ future lives. In his latest diary, Twenty Years On, Edward writes from the year 2033 of events that have occurred in the twenty years since Renesmee reached adulthood.

Edward’s newest tale, “Death of a Dream,” chronicles Rosalie’s reaction to the birth of Renesmee’s child, Sarabel Edilia Black. Rose seems cursed by an eternal dissatisfaction with her lot, and this story represents the next episode of her personal drama. It takes place in the year 2023. (Find it here.)

To my new followers, I extend a heartfelt “Welcome!” Here you will find stories that extend, but remain consistent with, the world Stephenie Meyer created in Twilight, all from Edward’s point of view. Questions are answered, plot points are expanded, and existing characters move forward in time.

I hope you enjoy this latest tale. Feel free to comment on any page of the website. I monitor comments and do my best to respond to each one.

Phoebe Ann Lassiter

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Brilliant Women of FanFiction

I first met Sasha Cameron here on Twilight: The Missing Pieces a year or more ago, and since then she has gone from reading Twilight fanfiction to embracing Fifty Shades of Grey fanfiction in a big way, as both a reader and a writer. Her immersion in the world of FSOG fanfiction (and fanfiction in general) has taught me a few things, and her content gets better and better. In this post, she shares some of her favorite Fifty Shades of Grey fanfiction authors.  Enjoy! PAL

Brilliant Women of FanFiction.

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Edward’s Diary, Part 2, Available for your E-reader

The second half of the Private Diary of Edward Anthony Cullen is now available for your e-reader. If you read this website, you’ll know the diary is where Edward records secrets about his family and others in his life, information he’s gained–usually reluctantly–through his mind-reading gift. He also tells secrets of his own.

In this second half of the diary, you’ll discover what happened to Alice before she found the Cullens, the history of Edward’s relationship with Tanya, the secret Carlisle has been keeping from Bella, and special moments from Renesmee’s childhood, plus lots more.

Here’s the link: Private Diary of Edward A. Cullen, Part 2

(Note that the e-reader version contains the story text only, with the pictures, footnotes, and media links removed. You can view the complete versions on the website here.)



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Edward’s Diary, Part 1, Available for your E-reader

In response to requests, I’ve created a single PDF file for the first half of the Private Diary of Edward Anthony Cullen. If you read this website, you’ll know that this is where Edward recorded all the secrets he knows about his family and others around him, gleaned through his mind-reading gift.

Here you’ll discover what Edward did when he abandoned his parents to hunt humans, what troubles Esme to this day, how Edward and Rosalie struggled as siblings, and what Alice did after waking up to discover she was a vampire. Read tales of Renesmee’s growing up years and find out what happened to Fred, the newborn who escaped from Victoria’s coven. Discover the private side of Alice and Jasper’s relationship and read Edward’s recounting of Jacob’s thoughts about Bella, which Edward has always heard LOUD and CLEAR, thank you very much. Discover how Edward struggled with Bella’s strength in the bedroom during the first year of their marriage.

In honor of Bella’s birthday. Enjoy!

Private Diary of Edward A. Cullen, Part 1


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Together Away, 2015

Earlier this year, Julie Vans–guest author on Twilight: The Missing Pieces–decided that Edward and Bella needed a vacation and so began writing a series of stories taking the couple from the Olympic Mountains to Jacksonville, Florida, to Isle Esme, and on to England and Switzerland. Now that Julie has completed three stories in the travelogue, I’ve created a page to highlight them. Called Together Away, the series can be accessed through the main menu at the top of each page.

The first entry, “The Mountain,” finds Edward and Bella visiting a special place in the Olympic Mountains just after the couple has been forced to sever ties with Bella’s mother (a story told in Twenty Years On). Bella proposes that she and Edward take a journey together and convinces him to let her check up on her mother along the way.

“Florida” takes up in Jacksonville where, under Alice’s direction (or interference, depending on how you look at it), Edward and Bella spy on Renee and discover how she is faring.

The journey moves on with “Isle Esme, Part 1,” a steamy chronicle of Edward and Bella’s return to the island on the ninth year after their honeymoon. Memories of that earlier time bombard Edward as he and Bella arrive and collapse into the sand together. This is a sensual story for mature readers only, which will continue in “Isle Esme, Part 2.” After that, the couple will travel overseas.

In the timeline of Twilight: The Missing PiecesTogether Away covers a period of one year beginning in 2015, three years after the Private Diary of EAC ends. The next series of tales, Twenty Years On, takes up in the year 2032 when Mike Newton, now in his early forties, nearly catches sight of Edward and Bella walking the streets of Seattle.


Julie Vans Julie Vans is an up-and-coming writer with a special interest in erotica (website currently under construction). Writing stories as Edward Cullen is one of the many projects she has taken on in the last year. Life is busy, but she always leaves room for the Cullens amid the bedlam.

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Breaking Dawn (Edward) Available as a PDF

Breaking Dawn (Edward) is now available as a single PDF file (3MB). Here it is!

Breaking Dawn (Through Edward’s Eyes).PDF

The book has been completely reedited and works on my Nook, though paragraph breaks are unreliable. I have not tested it on a Kindle. For the more beautifully formatted version, you can read it directly from this website: Breaking Dawn (Edward)

Enjoy! Please let me know if you find bugs.

Love, PAL

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The Volturi Disbands

A reader* recently posed the question of what would happen to the Volturi if Chelsea, the vampire whose gift binds the coven together, disappeared or were destroyed. Would the guard members turn on each other? Would Aro remain in control? Would the Volturi disband?

I found the question fascinating and so followed up with a little research from Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, where she provides background information on various coven members’ origins and loyalties. Extrapolating from there, I’ve reached a few conclusions.

Aro was exceedingly fortunate to have found Chelsea some 3,000 years ago. Changing her was the single most important thing he did to establish his power over civilized vampires around the world. As Aro’s “child,” Chelsea feels a natural loyalty to him. However, she is so vital to his maintenance of power that he reinforces her loyalty by directing the vampire Corin to constantly flood her with addictive, feel-good vibes. He also gives Chelsea, his most valuable guard member, everything she wants. For example, Aro allowed Chelsea’s mate, Afton, to take a prestigious position in the guard even though he has no special talent.**

Without Chelsea’s influence to bind them together, Aro’s brothers would be among the first to leave Volterra. Caius’s restlessness would propel him to take up vampire-punishing (and werewolf-destroying) crusades around the world. Marcus would do his best to commit suicide, though he’d have to find a brave vampire willing to help him. In lieu of that, he would wander off and become a sad, lonely nomad. Left to lead the Volturi on his own, Aro would have a difficult time holding the coven together.

Before joining the Volturi guard, Demetri (the gifted tracker) was a member of Amun’s coven in Egypt and he had no desire to leave until Chelsea broke his bond to Amun and re-bonded him to Aro. Without Chelsea’s influence to keep him in Volterra, Demetri would leave for Egypt to rejoin Amun’s coven.

With Demetri gone, other Volturi guard members would no longer live in fear of being tracked and punished, so would likely follow their hearts and break with Aro. Heidi–the attractive vampire who rounds up tourists as food for the Volturi–formerly belonged to a large, loving, German coven which Aro destroyed in order to acquire her. That bitter history leaves Heidi with nowhere to return to, but with her false bond to Aro dissolved, she would leave Volterra and go her own way.

Renata, Aro’s personal protector, still has a loving family–mixed vampire and human–in Malta, and without Chelsea’s influence, she would rejoin them as soon as she gained the courage to abandon Aro. Without Renata to deflect physical attacks, Aro would become extremely vulnerable.

One of Chelsea’s more important jobs has always been to bind the twins, Jane and Alec, tightly to Aro so they would never consider challenging his authority. If Chelsea stopped influencing them, they would quickly recognize their true power and demand more control over the Volturi guard and Aro would have no means except personal charm to stop them. Since Jane is especially power hungry, she might go so far as to oust Aro as leader of the Volturi and, using torture as an inducement, begin directing the guard  herself. That is a truly scary prospect and would threaten vampires (and possibly humans) all over the world.

The Cullens–relying heavily on Bella’s shield to protect them–would eventually have to destroy Jane and Alec to prevent their own destruction.

*Thanks for the questions, GSP!

**In Breaking Dawn–Edward, I gave Afton the ability to become invisible, but he can’t control it very well and so fades in and out, making the other guard members regard him as a loser.

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How the Cullens Make Their Money

A reader asked me a question (thanks, Uma!) about how Edward and the rest of the Cullens make their money. I thought others might be interested in the answer, so here it is.

Edward’s money comes largely from investments suggested by Alice. His starter funds were from his father’s huge inheritance, which has multiplied about twenty times since Alice showed up in the ’40s. (She considers it an insult when Edward suggests that maybe using foreknowledge in the stock market is a bit unfair for other investors.) He also owns some real estate, including his father’s beautiful downtown Chicago home. (See pictures here.)

Alice herself is making a nice pot of money and a name for herself via her company AliceRoi Designs. (You can Google her. The woman pictured is Alice’s front person, a talented designer in her own right.) Alice also owns lots of real estate acquired over the years, as does Esme.

In addition to rehabbing old houses, Esme (along with Carlisle) owns a private corporation undertaking construction projects all over the world. Much of their work these days is more philanthropic than income-generating as they spread Carlisle’s wealth around: building bridges, roads, water-purification and sewage systems in developing nations and improving community infrastructures for impoverished citizens in the US.

Jasper makes most of his money gambling–poker, at which he is extremely skilled, and sports betting–and in the stock market. Emmett also makes his money mostly by gambling. He does a lot of sports betting and is good at it, but without the aid of Alice’s foresight, which he refuses on principle as bad sportsmanship, he’ll never be as rich as Jasper. However, he has invested quite a lot of money in staging championship boxing matches and earns television advertising revenue from that. Rosalie is a partner in AliceRoi Designs, taking a salary and also a percentage of sales for her personal design work.

Carlisle never thinks about money anymore, as he invested in Chicago real estate in the 1700s. He owns blocks and blocks of high-rent-district properties, all managed by a real-estate company so he can spend his time doing what he loves most–doctoring and research. He owns several patents for well-known medicines and, in fact, invested in the development of penicillin. He continues to invent and patent improvements in surgical equipment and tools.

So there’s a brief synopsis of the Cullens’ income-generating activities. Of course, they have changed over the decades (Jasper was originally a horse trader before meeting Alice, for example), but each of the Cullens has had so long to acquire and build their fortunes that money isn’t ever much of a concern. Most of the management is done through agents and most of the agents are monitored through J. Jenks and his network of cronies in major cities across the US.

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Keep Calm: Read Twilight Fan Fiction

Sasha Cameron, a Twilight fan I met on my blog some time ago, has dived into the fan fiction world in a big way, both reading and now writing stories based on Fifty Shades of Grey. The fan fiction world is something I’ve only been slightly aware of, having come to it from a different, oblivious-to-the-world angle, as a writer frustrated by finding that the second half of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun remained unwritten. I searched for another author who might have finished the book and immediately found the site fanfiction.net, whose vast collection of writings overwhelmed me to such a degree that I backed away from it in favor of “rolling my own” website. I’ve since learned more about the fan fiction world, what a crazy free-for-all it is and how lots of Twilight-based fiction has been published since Fifty Shades of Grey went “viral” and saved Random House publishing from near-certain bankruptcy.

Sasha has put together a smart analysis of the phenomenon of “pull-to-publish” (P2P) fiction, that is, fan fiction stories that became so popular as free online offerings that big publishing houses offered the authors contracts to publish them. In order to avoid copyright infringement liability, the fan fiction works are altered prior to publication to change the names of the Twilight characters. Hence, Edward and Bella became Christian and Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey, though those books are just the tip of an ever-increasing iceberg of published fan fiction. Sasha Cameron examines the controversy of P2P fan fiction in a highly enlightening post, which you’ll find here:

Keep Calm: Read Twilight Fan Fiction.

If, like me, you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and fan fiction derived from it, you can check out Sasha’s FSOG stories here.

Acknowledgements: Dear Author, A Romance Review Blog for Readers by Readers

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Eclipse (Through Edward’s Eyes) Available as a PDF

As promised, Eclipse (Edward) is now available as a newly edited, single PDF file. Here it is:

Eclipse (Through Edward’s Eyes).pdf

It is readable on my Nook though paragraph breaks are unreliable. I have not tested it on a Kindle. For the more beautifully formatted version, you can read it directly from this website: Eclipse (Edward)

Enjoy! Please let me know if you find bugs.

Love, PAL

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How Do You Build An Audience?

A loyal reader recently asked this question in the comments section of my website and, though I normally don’t write blog entries on the process of writing, I had a few suggestions to share with my readers who are also writers. (Thank you, Laura, for connecting those dots for me.)

How do you build an audience for your website? Lots of writers and web gurus are addressing this question more expertly and more thoroughly than me, but I can tell you what I did and what I’ve learned along the way.

The first step is to identify who would be interested in your blog. I wanted to find Twilight readers because I thought they would enjoy these stories. So I went to two or three Twilight forums and posted notes there. That brought a few people, then it was mostly word of mouth from there. In my case, people were actively searching Google for “Midnight Sun” (as I had done with no success) and after my WordPress blog had been up for a few months, Google started showing my site in response to those queries.

That was a special case, though. For someone who wanted to write a cooking blog, as an example, I’d suggest that person go out and become active (read and leave comments) on blogs similar to the one she wanted to create. Once your blog is ready to be read, then you can begin to mention it where it is appropriate in your comments. Make the link active, so people can click on it and get there in one step. (It’s a good idea to ask permission of the blog owner first, but if you’re a regular visitor, usually they won’t mind. They might even write a blog post recommending yours if it relates to theirs.) Then reciprocate. Put links to blogs you like in your posts or in the side margins of your website. When people see you’ve been referring others to them, they often will visit you. If they like what they see, they might refer their readers over to you. It’s all about community.

The most important thing, though, is to make your blog content something people want to read. Good content brings readers. Poorly written or presented content turns them off and usually you only get one chance to draw someone in. So make sure your site is ready before you solicit people to visit. Then, don’t be afraid to ask people to visit and if they like your site to recommend it to others. Also, if you find other bloggers with similar content to yours, you can ask if they would like to cross-post some of your blog entries or at least to mention your blog on their site.

If you’re writing a traditional blog, it helps to ask a question in the titles and/or at the end of each post to encourage folks to engage with your site. (I don’t do this because mine is a fiction rather than a nonfiction site.) Lastly, use tags to identify the major content covered in each post. This is how Google will start to find you and show your blog in search results. For example, if you write a blog on recipes for chicken (a silly example, but you get the idea), tag it with the words Chicken, Recipes, and Cordon Bleu (for that recipe). People who search on those terms will be directed to your website.

Building an audience takes time and you won’t see much at first, but keep focusing on providing interesting content and by the time people start visiting in larger numbers, you’ll have lots of good stuff to keep them coming back. Write regularly and be patient. Oh yes, and take time to reply when people make comments on your site because they’re giving you a gift of their time and their thoughts.

Here’s a website I subscribe to that provides endless helpful advice about how to be a writer/blogger. Kristin Lamb is great.


I wish all you reader/writers the best of luck!

PA Lassiter

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