Street Kids of Rio de Janeiro

Two Friends

  Sleeping Rough

Little Beggars
Little Beggars
Hiding with Today’s Catch
I thought these kids were eating lunch, but they’re sniffing glue from paper bags. It keeps them high, warm, and suppresses hunger pangs.

Candelaria Gang
  • Sleepers

These four boys were present at the 1993 Candelaria Massacre. The second boy from the right was shot through the spine and paralyzed for life. The boy on the right died of a bullet wound through the head. Sandro, second from left, tried to rob a bus seven years later and when police cornered him, he took the passengers hostage. In the ensuing standoff, police shot a hostage and captured Sandro, who was asphyxiated as he was being taken to the police station.

  • Massacre Memorial

    These images are painted on the sidewalk in front of the Candelaria Church in commemoration of the eight children killed in the massacre.




3 Responses to Street Kids of Rio de Janeiro

  1. omg this is so horrendous , i cant get my head around children that young glue sniffing , this has really upset me .


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Sadly, poverty in urban Brazil–and the street children created by it–is an unavoidable and tenacious reality. I don’t know that it’s improved at all in the last fifteen years. PAL


    • Marie says:

      or those poor children who died… murdered by those sworn to protect them…horrible. At least the nuns give them what sanctuary they can!


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