Galleria Ice Rink

Can you see Victoria showing off on the ice, her red hair spinning? It was much more crowded than this, wall-to-wall humans. I think it was close to Christmas.

The Lake in George Bush Park

George Bush Park in a Happier Season

Until 1997, George Bush Park was known as Cullen Park in honor of Carlisle’s descendent, Hugh Roy Cullen, who helped bring higher education to Houston. I guess a former President of the United States—George H.W., not “George the Shrub,” as Emmett refers to George W.—outranks a local philanthropist for civic honors.

Hugh Roy Cullen, Oilman and Philanthropist

It seems that Carlisle’s astonishing beauty has not entirely survived the centuries.

Incidentally, Hugh Roy’s father, Ezekial, fought against the Mexicans in the Texas Revolutionary War, though he didn’t fight at the Battle of the Alamo. Hugh Roy’s only son, Roy Gustav, was killed in an oil field accident. To gain a fortune, but lose a son…a hard way. It would seem that this branch of the Cullen name has died out with Roy Gustav’s death.

Such Creatures Walk Over Me

Family of Deer

And such as these pulled me from my grave.


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