Favela da Rocinha


Aerial View of Rocinha

Two Brothers Mountain looms over the favela on the right. In the far distance, you can see Sugarloaf Mountain in the bay, the lagoon in between. The lower elevations of Rocinha have some businesses and “apartment buildings.” You can see the one road wiggling up the left side. This favela (one of 700 or 800) was created by squatters and is illegal. Sometimes the city bulldozes them down or tries to fence them in.

Rocinha Night View

Near the Top

Street Life

Precarious Life

Wretched Refuse

Rocinha Electric

Community Stairway

Color Me Happy

The Lower Elevations

The buildings at the lower part of Rocinha are the oldest and started out larger and less crowded. You can see apartment buildings, businesses, and a church.



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