Candelaria Church

The Igreja da Candelária stands in the Central District of Rio de Janeiro. Its construction began in 1775 and lasted over one hundred years. The façade is Baroque, but the inside decoration is a combination of Neoclassical and Neo-Renaissance style. It is magnificent.

My bell tower is on the left. Quasimoto haunted the other one. Twin monsters.

Candelaria Church

I never saw the inside of this beautiful church, but I saw the postcards. I might have translated Igreja to “Cathedral” in this case.

. The Dome & Ceiling
. Pews
The Candelaria Church served not only as a daytime refuge for me, but also for hundreds of street children. They can get food there, and other necessities, but they sleep outside in the open around the church and under nearby marquees, vulnerable to whatever (or whomever) comes along.

Candelaria Church in the Daytime


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