The Scent of A Man

Stephen discovered Rochas Man when he lived in New York City. Designed by famous nose, Maurice Roucel, it is described as “woodsy-flavored” with top notes of bergamot and lavender, a heart of jasmine, grass, and lily-of-the-valley, plus a touch of sensual musk. The base notes are vanilla, sandal, amber, and coffee.

While the scent is nice, the bottle, designed by Franzrudolf Lehnert and Michael Fõrster, is…let’s say…noteworthy.

Walker discovered Cumming and was mightily amused by Alan Cumming’s video ad for his “anti-celebrity” men’s fragrance, a queer spoof of erotic perfume commercials.

Alan, a Scotsman, describes Cumming as “a scent that is all about Sex, Scotch, Cigars and Scotland.” It has notes of those, plus bergamot, pepper, leather, and burnt rubber. Brosius designed it “so the more you sweat, the better it smells….”

Perfect for any manly man.

Sadly, Cumming is no more, but it has been re-released by New York perfumer, Christopher Brosius as  2nd Cumming, available on his website,, all proceeds to charity.


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