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Author Lora Leigh is ubiquitous. She’s written ten or more series with two to twenty-some books each. Her short stories appear in half-a-dozen themed anthologies. She’s also written individual novels, has a blog, and an active fan club. That much writing usually means some good, some bad, some ugly, and some repetition. And stalkers…lots and lots of stalkers. She’s got all of that plus Alpha-male studs and copious and steamy sex scenes.

Lora Leigh’s excellent Nauti Boys series has sexually notorious cousins, reluctant girlfriends, and stalkers. The drama is intense (the war in Iraq , home-grown terrorists, domestic violence, incest) and gets more poignant as the series progresses. The sex is well-written and erotic, but despite the cover blurbs, it’s all one-on-one, no ménage. I love this series.

The last story of the series is included in an anthology titled Nauti and Wild, in which the first story continues with the “Nauti” boys in Kentucky and the second story is unrelated, but enjoyable, set in Las Vegas amidst a motorcycle gang, written by yet another good writer, Jaci Burton. Both tales are too short for me, but the writers still packed in a lot of story in a small space.

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I’ve also stuck my nose in Lora Leigh’s Bound Hearts series. It centers on members of “The Club,” a ménage and domination hookup joint full of law enforcement & military, Alpha-male studs—and the stalkers who hate them. And reluctant females.
(Here’s my advice…If two or more hunky studs whom you adore and who adore you all want to pleasure you into oblivion at the same time…stop whining and just go with it!)
This series has twelve books, but  it looks like she got better as she went along. Forbidden Pleasure was excellent. These are #8, #10, #11, #12. (The plot of #9 looks like a repeat of #8.)

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Lora Leigh is perhaps best known for her series The Breeds, about genetically altered human/canine and human/feline species. Paranormal erotica fans may enjoy it. If you do, you’re in luck, because there are eighteen or so novels, plus lots of novellas in the series.

I checked out the book Deadly Sins from Lora Leigh’s Sins Series, which seemed like more of the same stuff—not bad—until I got a few chapters in and the stalker/murderer started musing about how he likes to cut up girls. It was on audio and my stomach turned. I won’t be listening to or reading any more of that series.

Another name you’ll run into is Maya Banks. She’s written five or six series and dozens of books, many of which repeat characters and themes. I’ve read the Sweet Series and highly recommend it. The first 80 pages of the first book drag a bit, but it picks up and leads into the second book, Sweet Persuasion, which is one of the most compelling erotic romance books I’ve read and Damon is one of the most fascinating characters I’ve found in the genre. Its version of BDSM was somewhat disturbing to me, but the characters and situation were psychologically riveting. And for a nice change, it has no villain.

The most notable thing about the third novel, Sweet Seduction, is the shocking information it introduces about Micah and in the fourth novel, Sweet Temptations, Micah’s story fully plays out. It is troubling…but in a good read sort of way.

The fifth book, Sweet Possession, is Connor’s story, which contains another similarity to Fifty Shades. Not to give anything away, but one of the characters had a traumatizing childhood experience reminiscent of Christian’s sad story. I’ve also decided that Maya Banks has British roots because native Texans do not say “gobsmacked.” Ever.

Banks’ Sweet Series shares the best trait of the other good series, which is the family of compelling characters whom you get to know in greater detail as the series goes along.

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One of Maya Banks’ oldest series, Colter’s Legacy, is also one of her most popular, beginning with Colter’s Woman. It’s a story of three brothers who want to find a woman to share—a sexy ménage à quatre. The second story, “Colter’s Wife,” a novella, is FREE to download from The rest of the books are inexpensive at around $4.00. (Colter’s Gift the next novel, will be released in April 2013.)

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I also read and enjoyed Maya Banks’ set of three related novellas For Her Pleasure. The cop, the biker, the woman they love and share, and a stripper. The editing is rough for some reason, but the stories are worth reading. Be With Me was a fun fantasy—three foster brothers love the same girl from their childhoods and the four grow up to become a family. It was especially interesting to see how Banks made the men unique in personality and style of love-making.

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Four Play is a combined effort by Maya Banks and Shayla Black, two novellas of the three men/one woman variety. Both stories are fun, though for me, they suffer from the problem with novellas—too short and more sex than story line. Also, I haven’t been convinced in any of the 3-on-1 novellas I’ve read that three ultra-desirable men are so enthralled with the same woman that they would agree to such an arrangement, especially if they’re straight, which all of these men are. I’d love to find a female character who was so compelling that I was convinced she could command this kind of love. (Be With Me comes close.)

The next series I want to check out is by Cherise Sinclair. So far, I’ve just read samples, but the text looks well-edited, which is unusual. This is the Masters of the Shadowlands series about a BDSM club. The first book begins like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where an accountant crashes her car in a bad rainstorm and walks to the nearest scary-looking mansion, Master Z’s lair. One of the resident Doms is named Master Cullen, so you know it’s going to be good.

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If that series is good, I’ll try her other one, the Master series. Currently, she’s got only two books in that one and a couple of related short stories in her Dark Haven anthologies.

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Cherise Sinclair gives the impression that she knows what she’s talking about because she writes a preface in her first Club Shadowlands book cautioning readers to be careful and proceed slowly when shopping for their own personal Dom.



4 Responses to Shop Erotica #2

  1. Thanks so much for creating these recommendations. I love what I have read of your work, having just stumbled onto your website today. This should make for a great holiday break to indulge in your tales. I dipped into Miss Martha Browne and quite frankly I think I could probably live there for the next couple of days. Thanks again. BTW – I have just started reading Cari Quinn – another one for your list, although I am a firm Shayla Black fan!


    • PA Lassiter says:

      You are most welcome, Sasha. What a lovely note. I haven’t updated the Shop Erotica pages for a while because I started transferring them to another blog where I could spread out. Since then, I’ve had little time to work on it. For what it’s worth, it will be located at PA Lassiter’s Survey of Erotic Romance. I’ve been meaning to add Tiffany Reisz to the group, whom you might enjoy if you like Shayla Black’s Wicked Series, though it’s darker. I haven’t heard of Cari Quinn, but I’ll check her out.

      I hope you enjoy Miss Martha Browne. After letting the first draft sit for another week or so, I will start the rewrite, the cutting, rearranging, trimming, etc. I’ve also promised more Edward entries for the new diary “Twenty Years On.” Feel free to comment on anything. I’m always around. Welcome. 🙂 PAL


  2. palassiter says:

    Updated 8/14/2012.


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