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Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Here are the notorious Fifty Shades of Grey books (or “Fifty Shades of Twilight” as I call them in my blog). These links will let you choose between paperback, Kindle, or audiobook versions.

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Fifty Shades for the Nook Here


Recently Read & Recommended Erotic Fiction

The Fifty Shades Trilogy led me accidentally into the world of romance fiction and specifically into a relatively new niche in the romance genre: BDSM romance. (See my recent blog entry After Twilight: On the Trail of Erotica.) As in the romance genre, there’s a lot of dross in erotic romance. Highlighted here are some series that stand out and authors to watch.
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Shayla Black‘s “Wicked Lovers” series is quirky, fun, and sexy. Each book focuses on a different member of a close-knit band of friends. Seeing how they all relate to each other is half the fun. Of the six books, three of the romances are of the “Edward/Christian” BDSM variety, one is ménage à trois, and one is vanilla(-ish). Some interesting elements in the series: a Cajun hero, a TV chef hero, a plus-size heroine, a BDSM club and resort. (Ignore the novella Wicked to Love, which has no story.) The series in order:

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Surprisingly, I discovered several of the Wicked Lovers books at the library while searching for erotica. Shayla Black also has a popular series featuring sexy witches and wizards, called the Doomsday Brethren series for supernatural erotica fans.

Another good writer who popped up is Megan Hart. I’ve read more than a dozen of her books and while they have lots of sexual content (vanilla & ménage), they are also well-written stories with tragic elements that I’ll never forget. Her willingness to go into fractured places with fractured people intrigues me. The following are my favorites of the ones I’ve read. The first three books have been re-released with different covers, but the content is the same.

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Short stories, a.k.a novellas, are popular in the erotic romance category, but often aren’t worth the couple bucks they cost. Everything Changes absolutely is if you like Tempted.  (Contains some man-on-man action.) Naked follows on from those two.
Hart’s brand new book, called The Space Between Us  looks promising.

Another author of erotic romance who writes compellingly is Lexi Blake. The first book in her Masters & Mercenaries series features a 20-something Dominant pursuing a 40-year-old heroine—a nice change. The characters in the second book continue from the first book (two former Green Berets who pretend to be a gay couple to hook up with women. It’s hilarious.) Blake is working on her third book in the series.

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Lexi Blake and Shayla Black are combining efforts on a new series called Masters of Menage. The first book was a little thin, but enjoyable. The second is better and—bonus!—intersects with the characters in the “Wicked Lovers” series. I’m wondering if Black & Blake are the same person.

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12 Responses to Shop Erotica

  1. Crayn says:

    You should check out Find Her, Keep Her by Z L Arkadie


  2. Crayn says:

    I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did. S E Lund seems a bit slow in putting them on ibooks, but I have been very happy with what I have read so far. I am currently reading her Dominion series. 💞


  3. Crayn says:

    Have you read The agreement by S. E. Lund? I really liked it the first book it is free on iBooks. I know you are busy with some originals works. But would be nice if you wrote from Drake’s viewpoint, when you get a chance as I really like your writing style 💞


  4. Kat says:

    you might like works by Kresley Cole, especially her Immortals After Dark series or works by Lietha Wards


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve heard of Kresley Cole, I think. I’ll check these out and possibly add them to the list on the paranormal page. Stay tuned…I’ve started building a new web site for erotic romance recommendations. Though it’s not ready yet, it’s located here: //
      Thanks for sharing, Kat! PAL


  5. palassiter says:

    Check out Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, beginning with Bared to You. PAL


  6. palassiter says:

    I’ve added a new page to my survey of erotic romance: the short stories. Page 4 lists some good erotic anthologies and notes which single novellas are worth reading and which aren’t. PAL


  7. palassiter says:

    Updated: 8/13/2012


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