New Moon (Through Edward’s Eyes) Available as a PDF

As recently promised, I’ve finished reediting New Moon (Edward). The latest and greatest version, with lots of minor fixes and a couple of major ones, is now posted on the website. In addition, I’ve created a single PDF file for those of you who, like me, prefer to carry your stories around on an e-reader. Without having done a full review of its behavior on my Nook, I can’t say that the file is formatted perfectly, but it appears to be readable. I hope it works for you. Here it is:

New Moon (Edward) by PA Lassiter

And in case you missed it, here is the Midnight Sun, Part II, file:

Midnight Sun, Part II, by PA Lassiter



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Midnight Sun PDF

It’s been six months since the demise of Twilight–Dare I say demise?–or at least since Breaking Dawn, Part 2 was released. The last thing to look forward to now is the release of the last DVD in March. No wait! That was two months ago! Where have I been?

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a novel for the past year or so (Miss Martha Browne) and I’m happy to tell you that the second draft is complete and out for review. I’d like to slap it up on the Internet and let y’all have at it, but for better or worse, I’m determined to produce the best quality book I can, which takes time. Writing matters. The words matter.

So, I’m in a rare period of down time at the moment and have returned to this website to think about what I should do with it now that the Twilight Phenomenon seems to be waning. Perhaps it isn’t, though. To my great surprise, the activity here on Twilight: The Missing Pieces has doubled in recent months, even though the speed at which I’ve been posting new stories (by me and Julie Vans) has slowed significantly. Still, with less time in my life to devote to Edward and the Cullens, I’ve been wondering if it’s time to move on. And yet…and yet…

Since I created this website, folks have been requesting that I post single-file versions of Edward’s stories so they could carry them around on their e-readers. I haven’t done so because for some inexplicable reason, it is tremendously difficult (or more accurately, time-consuming and tedious) to concatenate a large group of Word files into a single document. During this lull in working on my novel, though, I’ve begun rereading my own stories and like you, I prefer to do so from my e-reader. In the last few days while researching how to accomplish that, I discovered a relatively painless way to make one PDF file from the individual chapters of Midnight Sun, Part II.

[For you journalism majors, that’s called burying the lead. :-)]

The first version of the file went haywire when I transferred it to my e-reader, with randomly changing font styles and sizes that made reading difficult. The most I can say about the second version is that it is now readable on my Nook. I hope it works on the Kindle too, but I don’t have one, so I can’t be sure.

Here it is: Midnight Sun, Part II, by PA Lassiter

While rereading the story, I took time to fix a number of typos, clean up a few logical inconsistencies, and delete a lot of adverbs. (You writers know what I mean about that.) Thanks to everyone who found problems and reported them to me!

I’ve now moved on to rereading Edward’s version of New Moon and am similarly fixing things as I go. When I’ve finished, I’ll post the single-file PDF here, so stay tuned!


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Twenty Years On: 2032

In honor of the release of Breaking Dawn, Pt 2, the final movie in the Twilight Saga, Edward has started a new private diary. This one begins twenty years hence, in the holiday season of 2032.

This website is still alive (and growing) because of my wonderful fans who have never let go of Edward or his stories. Readers keep coming back and also sending their friends. The requests for more of Edward’s inner life have kept up too.

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. I spent over two years climbing inside Edward’s skin and writing down what I found. In spite of plenty of fan suggestions and ideas for stories, the vampire sparkle had begun to dim.

Out of the ether came a friend: Julie Vans. She sent me a sensual scene she’d written as an add-on to Edward’s version of Breaking Dawn. She has continued writing and recently sent me another story and we have decided to collaborate on Edward’s new diary. Some of the stories will be hers, some will be mine. The first one is ours together. I hope you enjoy it.

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Reflections on Breaking Dawn, Part 2

What with one thing and another, including personal preference, I waited this long to see Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2. I am riding a giddy high now, partly induced by the emotional soundtrack, which I stayed to listen to until the end of the credits. When I rose to leave, I was the only person left in the theater, which was fantastic. My own personal, stadium-sized, surround sound stereo system to listen to Nikki Reid sing her and her husband’s paeon to true love. Wonderful.

Aside from the music, the first thing that overwhelmed me about the movie was Melissa Rosenberg. Yes, the screenwriter. She is a writer/adapter of great talent. I can only imagine how difficult it has been to condense the entire Twilight Saga into ten hours of screen time and maintain even a scintilla of the Saga’s integrity. She managed to do justice to all four books. She’s my idol. I could only gape in wonder at what Ms. Rosenberg’s screen adaptation did for Breaking Dawn in the final scenes. The book had many detractors based on the “cop-out” of the final showdown scene with the Volturi. (Though, personally, I didn’t want anybody to die. Not even tattletale Irina.) Melissa Rosenberg fixed that issue in a big, big way.

The second thing that struck me as I sat alone in the theater is that Edward and Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan are literally immortal. I am convinced that these characters have gouged their way into our cultural consciousness (worldwide) such that their names and story will never die. (There’s a similarity here to a certain Biblical character in that regard, but that subject is beyond the scope of this blog.)

The third thing that struck me about the movie was once again, Kristen Stewart. She was Bella. She lived and breathed Bella throughout the Saga, but she truly caught her stride in Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and continued bringing Bella to life—though as a vampire—just as skillfully in Part 2.

The fourth thing that sticks with me is Jacob. Tyler Lautner, though a young, rather inexperienced actor when he began the Saga, has matured a great deal. I don’t know whether he will turn out to be a great actor, but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job with Jacob. I strongly suspect that Jacob Black has influenced who Tyler has become as an adult man and not only because Jacob has made him famous.

The sex scenes were a bone of contention for me in Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and the second movie proves to me that PG-13 movies can have reasonably fulfilling sex scenes if they’re well-directed. I’d still love to see the R-rated version of Breaking Dawn (for sex, not for gore), but I can accept the limitation of the youthful rating now because I enjoyed the lovemaking scenes in this film.

The extended cast was so wonderful in Breaking Dawn, Part 2 that I wish they all had had twice the screen time they got. Characters who especially caught my attention were Benjamin, Garrett, Zafrina, and the creeptacular Stefan and Vladimir. But Alistair was wonderful, as was Amun, and I’d liked to have seen a lot more of the Amazons, the Irish coven, and the other nomads, including Peter and Charlotte. The casting of Wendall Pierce as J. Jenks was a wonderful surprise and I loved how they added a Japanese vampire to the mix.

Yes, I had some problems with the movie, particularly in the area of makeup and wigs, again! Aside from Jasper, none of the Cullens had anywhere near the beauty of the characters as Catherine Hardwicke originally filmed them in Twilight.That is a huge failure when you consider that Ms. Hardwicke’s budget was so low that she had to loan Kristen Stewart her own clothing to film certain scenes. Breaking Dawn’s budget was so large that [insert ridiculously large joke here]. I just got the feeling that neither the director nor the makeup crew for Breaking Dawn read the books well enough to understand how important it was that the vampires were stunningly gorgeous after transformation. The other big problem was the animation of Renesmee. What can I say that hasn’t already been said by everyone? Nothing. It was not good. Really not good. I had to look away several times.

I’ve saved my best sentiment for last:  I loved Edward. My Edward. Your Edward. Thank you Robert Pattinson for doing him justice all along and making him just a little more real for us. Both his and Edward’s names will live forever, whether RPattz likes it or not.

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Renesmee & Jacob, A Love Story

UPDATE: Chandrakanta Fanfiction has kindly done a heap of research for us! She’s a wealth of information about Twilight fanfiction. For Jacob and Renesmee post-Breaking Dawn stories, visit her Facebook page here and scroll down to November 24th where you will find my question to her. She has compiled a great list of stories there for  us!

It’s not my story to write, but the future of Renesmee and Jacob is definitely a love story. I’ve been asked repeatedly if I would write it and I have to admit that the subject isn’t really within the realm of my interests. Also, I’m still hoping that Stephenie Meyer will return to the saga and write a book about Jacob and Renesmee. She’s been quoted as saying she’s considering it.

In the meantime, I’ve consulted with some Twilight fanfiction experts and they have come up with a number of good stories about Renesmee and Jacob and I’m passing them along to you. I requested canon, that is, stories that conform to the rules and constraints of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight universe, but I haven’t read each of these in whole, so they might vary a bit. Let me know what you think!

1) The first story begins a few years after the end of Breaking Dawn when the Cullens have to relocate and start high school again. This time, though, Renesmee is joining them at age 16.

The Healer by EllaRose00

2) The second story begins like the first. The Cullens are moving to Vancouver to start high school again.  Nessie is 18 in this one.

Solstice by Midnight Sapphire Eyes and Elizabeth Watson

3) The third story begins on Nessie’s 18th birthday when she dreams of her wedding, a topic that makes Edward grumpy.

Mine by taylansmommy

4) The fourth story is non-canon, but interesting. In this one, Jacob ran away when he found out Bella was going to marry Edward. He never saw or imprinted on Renesmee, but meets up with the family after twenty years.

The First Time by todream

Please post any comments or thoughts you have about any of these stories. I’d love to know what you think.

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A New Novel by a Christian Lover

UPDATE: The Education of Sebastian has been BANNED on Smashwords! (Now you really want to read it, right?)

After composing the title of this post, I realized that “Christian,” as in Grey, is spelled the same as “Christian,” as in a follower of Christ. That could make this post either confusing or controversial, depending on your point-of-view.

My point-of-view is this: Jane Harvey-Berrick author of Fifty Shades From Twenty, Fifty Shades of Taylor, and Paging Dr. Flynn (my personal favorite) has written a new novel. I say “new” because after Googling her I see that she has in fact, written at least three before this one. Frankly, I don’t know how she’s managed to shove out her latest one, plus a promised sequel, while maintaining her Christian-related stories, but I digress (and I applaud).

Harvey-Berrick’s new book is called The Education of Sebastian
and I had the honor of receiving a pre-release copy to read since I have made my Jane-fanniness known. (Yes, that’s a pun on the British word “fanny.” American readers should look it up and never use it in public across the pond.)

Education of Sebastian

This novel represents a first for me in the short time I have been reading erotic romance novels. I could not devour this book in one or two sittings and not because it was too long, but because it made me think and it made me feel and it disturbed me too.

You see, this is a story of true love between a married woman in her early thirties, Caroline, and a boy of seventeen, Sebastian. How they met is one of the disturbing elements of the story, but gives the tale an added element of poignancy, of which it has many.

As readers of my work-in-progress, Miss Martha Browne, know, sexual congress between a consenting adult and consenting slightly less-than-adult characters is a topic of some interest to me. Jane Harvey-Berrick’s tale is quite different than mine, however, as it is a Romeo and Juliet story, a tale of star-crossed (or calendar-crossed) lovers. Like Romeo and Juliet, it contains large doses of yearning, anxiety, and pain due to the impossible situation in which the two lovers find themselves.

Ms. Harvey-Berrick writes adeptly and convincingly of Sebastian’s initiation into sexual love, capturing his enthusiasm, his inexperience, and his learning curve. She also explores Caroline’s sexual blossoming in this relationship where she is truly loved for the first time despite having been married to a military man for over a decade. The sex scenes are so realistic and vivid that it takes you back to your own early sexual experiences and, if you’re like me, makes you relive both the heavenly highs and the desperate lows.

I had a couple quibbles with the story, that the antagonistic characters are one-dimensional with no redeeming qualities and that the instances of British English are disruptive in the American setting, but these details don’t lessen the book’s impact. The story keeps you on a high-tension wire for almost three-hundred pages with the knowledge that Caroline could be arrested on a felony charge for sexual assault for loving the underage Sebastian. It also explores the tragedy of abusive parents who maintain legal authority over the minors they harm. It makes the idea of legal emancipation for mature teenagers a no-brainer.

I can’t forget either of these characters. They’ve stuck with me. I still don’t know how I feel about Caroline’s legal transgression, given her serious personal problems, but I understand her. I understand Sebastian too and that’s what makes this erotic romance stand out among the crowd.

The sequel, The Education of Caroline, which is scheduled for release early next year, takes up the lovers’ story ten years later. I’m eager to know what happens.

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Twilight Stories In Between

In case you still are looking for new Twilight stories to read, a Facebook friend (Chandrakanta Fanfiction) has recommended some Bella and Edward stories that take place during the summer between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn when the happy couple is preparing for their wedding.The first one is suitable for teenagers (13+) and the remaining three are mature (17+).

1. Fifty-Eight Nights by Eowyn77

Eowyn77’s description: Bridge between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The newborns are defeated, the wedding date is set. All that stands between Bella, Edward, and “a happy place” is time…. Alternating POV.

2. Prelude by BellaDonnaCullen (Marie)

This story is written from Bella’s point-of-view and begins with a note from Marie: Please be patient while I lay the groundwork for the story, and get a few SM necessities out of the way. And if you stick with it there is lots of action and lemony* sweetness ahead.

3.  Up All Night by BonitaChic

This story, also in Bella’s voice, begins like this: There had been some interesting changes in our relationship since our last trip to the meadow. The day he had offered me everything and I – shockingly – decided to wait. As the new ‘protector of my virtue’, my boundaries were a lot less strict than his had been and we had both been enjoying the new experiences. I knew though, that it was difficult for him to walk this tightrope between virtue and what he considered vice. But I was developing a plan.

4. Perspective by ekimmuh

The final story is written from Edward’s point-of-view and includes a teaser paragraph: Edward seeks out the counsel of his father and brothers after agreeing to be with Bella after their wedding. What will Edward do with that advise and how will he and Bella prepare for their upcoming wedding night.

Enjoy the work of these fanfiction authors and let us know what you think!

*Lemon refers to a sexually explicit scene in fanfiction.
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More Great Finds in 50 Shades of Grey

This post is my second on the topic of great fanfiction I’ve discovered in my recent wanderings around social media. Previously, I posted some fanfiction finds that tell the Cullens’ honeymoon story from Bella’s point-of-view. This time, my focus is on the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

An writer under the name “ChristianGrey50Shades” is doing a spectacular job of rewriting Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian’s point-of-view. It is a work in progress and each new chapter the author posts is eagerly awaited by thousands of fans. The first chapter, which takes up after E L James’ epilogue—reread it if you don’t recall—can be found here:

Meet Fifty Shades Continued by Christian Trevelyan Grey

Here is the evocative image that ChristianGrey50Shades includes on the first page of the blog:

In addition to this huge piece of work (which, incidentally, was banned from for being too explicit), ChristianGrey50Shades is also writing Grace Trevelyan-Grey’s view of the story. It begins when Dr. Grace visits Christian’s apartment one morning and finds a sex-tousled Ana emerging from his bedroom.

Dr. Grace’s Blog by Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey

(The links here get you to the first chapter of each book. To read the next and following chapters, you can either scroll to the bottom of the huge string of comments and use the “Newer Post” link or you can navigate using the Archives setup in the leftmost column.)

ChristianGrey50Shades’ writing captures Fifty so well in all his damaged glory that I no longer feel the need to write my own version of his time with Ana—at all. I have considered writing about Christian’s time with Elena from his first experience with her in high school through his two years of college, as the idea of him as her submissive fascinates me to a certain degree.

However, another writer, Jane Harvey-Berrick, has tackled part of that project for us. She’s written a book (blog) called Fifty Shades from Twenty that begins while Christian is at Harvard College. It is located here:

Fifty Shades from Twenty—by Christian Grey

The first scene finds Christian in the locker room changing when one of his crew members notices Elena’s whip marks on his back. It gave me the shivers.

(In a published book, I would expect an editor to find words like “kit,” referring to Christian’s clothing, and change them to American terminology, but though such blips tear me from the American illusion to a certain degree, this is fanfiction and nobody’s paying the author to write for us. A little tolerance for British English is the least we can do.)

Jane Harvey-Berrick is also writing a version of Jason Taylor’s story. You’ll recall that Taylor is the head of security for Christian’s company as well as his personal bodyguard. That story begins here:

Fifty Shades of Taylor by Jason Taylor

One great thing about both authors’ blogs are the photos they use to illustrate their stories. Here is Jane Harvey-Berrick’s initial image of Taylor:

This blog has a dark background which makes the sexy and profane images stand out, creating a moody backdrop to the stories.

Jane Harvey-Berrick has written a shorter blog from Dr. Flynn’s point-of-view beginning when he is asked to take on the complicated case of Christian Grey:

Paging Dr. Flynn by Dr. John Flynn

One sentence on the first page may pique your interest. Dr. Flynn is harboring evil thoughts about a colleague: “You are no friend of mine you self-serving, egotistical, flea on a pig’s scrotum.” Jane Harvey-Berrick has a way with words.

(To navigate Ms. Harvey-Berrick’s blogs, you must return to the main menu to select the second and subsequent chapters.)

One of my loyal readers, Miki, has recommended another version of Christian’s story which looks promising. Here it is:

A Walk in the Clouds by Christian Grey (Eminé Fougner)

UPDATE: I’ve recently discovered another wonderful website created by Monique Lain called “Fifty Shades of Grey and More.” In addition to a blog and short stories, Ms. Lain has written a fourth Fifty Shades of Grey book from Ana’s point-of-view. Here’s how she describes it:

Fifty Shades Meander cuts into Fifty Shades Freed (E L James) where Ana finds out that she’s pregnant but instead of telling Christian, she runs. This meander takes you on a wild ride of emotions, drama and of course romance with the enigmatic Mr Grey…..

Author’s [Monique Lain] note: Yes I know, especially fresh off your FSOG high it’s very hard to understand that Ana might do such a thing and, truth be told, I couldn’t agree with you more – they belong together. However, in order to write any story you have to have a place to start, a place where it can develop into something your readers would like to see. If you’re like all the followers on this blog I understand that you simply want MORE… More of Ana and Christian; their love, their shades, their trials and mostly their blazing romance….

These authors should keep you busy reading for a while, although if you’re like lots of  romance addicts, perhaps only a day or two. Have fun and let me know what you think, either here or on Facebook!

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Great Finds, Lost Time

All my fears about getting hooked up on social media sadly have proven true…and then some. I am the proud owner of two Facebook pages, a Twitter account, a Pin It! account and am considering a second blog. Social media are viruses that spread readily through web contact with persons you don’t know very well, if at all.

Predictably, I have experienced a certain hubris over the insightful, the hilarious, and the outrageous offerings all around. I find myself wasting whole mornings poking around and avoiding my “real” work. In spite of the downside, I’ve also found some treasures to share with you.

Does Bella Make Love? That was the question I posed a couple blogs posts ago, prompted by a reader who asked whether I could recommend stories of Bella’s honeymoon written from her point-of-view. Not being a fanfiction reader, I had to ask for help and received it in spades. (Many thanks to Chandrakanta Fanfiction for her expertise.) All of these stories contain explicit sex and are meant for mature audiences only.

The first fanfiction entry is canon (meaning it follows Stephenie Meyer’s original story) and is written through Bella’s eyes.

1. Warmth by KatieBelleCullen

First paragraph:
“As the ocean water began to lap at my shoulders, I realized how warm I was. The water that encompassed my body was warm. The need that was growing in the pit of my stomach felt warm. Even Edward was warm. I was suddenly reminded of my threat to spontaneously combust if Edward refused to grant me my one wish. How wrong I had been! This would surely be the cause of combustion. This moment I had been waiting for seemed to already be stoking small flames around and inside me. It was a glorious sensation. Who knew so much heat could feel so good?”

The next story is also canon, but written in third person (with an omniscient narrator). Like the first, it begins with the honeymoon swim.

2. Isle Esme: The Lost Chapters written by Lalina

It begins like this:
“Edward pulled Bella’s body flush with his own as he moved into the deeper water of the ocean. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, winding her fingers in his wet hair. She pressed her breasts up against his cool, marble chest and felt her nipples harden in response. She was pleased that even though his upper body was still cool that the rest of him, immersed in the warm water, was almost the same temperature as her own.”

The third piece moves away from canon, bit by bit, but it is wonderfully erotic and the author really captures Bella’s personality.

3. Let Your Light Shine by LolaShoes

It begins: Edward placed his hands under my arms and lifted me up, gazing into my face. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my legs hanging down in front of him. His arms, almost warm from the water, wrapped around my back. I tangled my hands in his hair and rubbed the nape of his neck softly with my fingertips. He carried me until the warm water reached just below our shoulders, then bent to kiss me.

“Bella,” he murmured against my lips. “My wife.”

If you’re on Facebook and are interested in the vast world of Twilight fanfiction, check out the group Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. It’s a wealth of links to everything from Darkward stories, to Redward stories, to Mobward stories and lots, lots more. And no, I didn’t know what any of that meant either until I checked it out!

In my next post, I’ll share some terrific Fifty Shades of Grey finds!

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Social Me (“Find me, Follow me, make me real!”)

A well-meaning friend recently informed me that I need to get out there on social media to make it easier for people to Find and Follow me. So far, I’ve avoided doing that because I knew it would give me an excuse to goof off at those painful times when a blank page is glaring at me (literally and figuratively).

However, this friend (you know who you are, RLB!) is usually right about these things and so, finally, I have created my very own Facebook and Twitter accounts. They’re still new and look a little sad with my pitifully low number of Friends and Followers (though you are all excellent, thank you!). I’d be most happy if you’d like to make PAL your pal on Facebook and share your favorite things there.

PA Lassiter

Just click on my name at the left (or right) to Follow me on Facebook and you will receive announcements about new postings on this site. Right now, that includes blog posts, new Twilight stories, Miss Martha Browne chapters, items from my survey of erotic romance, and future books. Because I organized this website around pages rather than the blog, it’s been hard to get all this in one place until now. (I’ll also announce things that I’ve been tucking away in Comments for want of a better place to put them.)


If you want to receive only Twilight announcements, please Follow my Twilight Missing Pieces Facebook page instead.

Twilight Missing Pieces

Here, I’ll post Twilight-related items, such as announcements for new entries in the Private Diary of EAC and other news, including the e-reader versions of  Edward’s story. (Stay tuned for more info on that.) Click on the badge link to the left if you’d like to follow only Twilight: The Missing Pieces on Facebook.

Now that I’m spreading my social butterfly wings, I’ve also created a Twitter account where I tweet about what I’m working on, what I’m researching, or info. about other favorite authors’ publications. I also have questions regarding social media and e-book publishing, so if you’re knowledgeable about these topics or about fanfiction or anything else I should know to be successfully social, then I’d love for you to Follow me on Twitter. Actually, I’m not proud…I’d love for you to Follow me anyway! I’m not all that chatty…really.

Tweet me here:  @PALassiter

Finally, because it’s fun and because not all photos I’d like to share can be posted on Facebook or tweeted (at least I haven’t figured out how), I’ve created a Pinterest account where I’ve been collecting precious images. Lately, I’ve gotten hold of some beautiful photos from the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 2 movie. (I haven’t figured out how to post them yet, so stay tuned again. ) Also, I’ll share my new friend who has the best Edward pictures!

Find my favorite Pinterest images here:  PALassiter

Hope to see you on the social circuit!

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Does Bella Make Love?

A reader has pointed out recently that most fanfiction versions of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon (at least the explicit ones) are written from Edward’s point-of-view. Though what Stephenie Meyer has given us in Breaking Dawn is written from Bella’s point-of-view, the specific details of the Cullens’ marital union have been omitted, leaving plenty of room for those gaps to be filled by fanfiction writers. Given that the majority of Twilight fanfiction writers are women, it rather surprised me to hear that Bella’s version of events isn’t the more common one.

I’ve never indulged in reading Twilight fanfiction, because at first, I didn’t know it existed, and later, I didn’t want to accidentally poach ideas, something that is  altogether too easy to do without realizing it. However, I know there are those among my readership who are experts in the world of Twilight fanfiction and I’d like to hear from you. Do you know of any well-written stories of the Cullens’ honeymoon written from Bella’s point-of-view? If there is a Bella counterpoint to my Edward version, I’d sure like to hear about it. I’m most interested in “canonical” stories, that is, those that fall in line with Meyer’s original fiction. Though taking Bella and Edward into further imaginary realms is another fun way to go, it would also be nice to direct my readers to Bella’s story written from the same set of facts.

Let me know, either in the comment section here or by email at my new address:


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Sexy At Seventeen

Working on my novel, I’ve come to a place (influenced initially by Twilight, then by Fifty Shades of Grey, and finally by my recent reading in the burgeoning industry of alternative erotica) where two 17-year-olds are about to hook up with a luscious divorcee in her early 30s. Though I wrote a lot of sex scenes for Edward’s version of Breaking Dawn and for his private diary, I never saw him as a 17-year-old youth, but rather as a 100-year-old man in a youthful body. Trust me, it’s not the same thing. So with that mindset, plus the fact that Edward rarely thought about his own physical attributes, only Bella’s, I had no trouble writing sex scenes from his point-of-view.

However, now that my protagonists are actual 17-year-old high school football players and the story is written partially from the divorcee’s viewpoint, I realized that I couldn’t visualize  a 17-year-old male as an object of sexual desire. When I was 15 years old with a 17-year-old boyfriend back in the day, he was a man in my eyes, of course. From a later vantage point in life, I see things differently (which is a good thing).

As is my habit when I need a visual reference point, I went to the net to search for images of 17-year-old males. Thanks to America’s exaggerated interest in football players of every age and to Calvin Klein, one of the most visually oriented “cougars” of our time, images of sexy, mature-looking young men were not hard to find. I created a collage of images for inspiration and to help me get into the head of my cougar character and I thought I’d share it with you in case you ever lusted after the “17-year-old” Edward. You’ll notice that Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz are included, though Taylor was sixteen when his photo was taken and Kellan was 24. One other Calvin Klein model is 20 in his photo, though he started his career at 17. The rest of the photos are of sexy 17-year-old guys. (Legal in Kentucky and most other States, in case you were wondering, but not legal in Idaho or North Dakota or if you’re his teacher or foster parent.)

While researching, I discovered that Kellan Lutz was a Calvin Klein underwear model three years ago and there are lots of jaw-droppingly sexy photos of him on the web. I also found a recurring rumor that Taylor Lautner was going to do underwear ads for Armani X/C, but I could  find no visual evidence that he ever did. Frankly, I imagine him to be a modest sort who wouldn’t pose in his underwear, but I could be wrong.

Here’s a link to the collage for your perusal:

Boys At Seventeen (nsfw)


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Honeymoon Scene by Julie Vans

A few days ago, I received an email from Julie Vans, a kindred Edward fan, who was inspired to write an extra scene for Edward and Bella’s honeymoon–a shower scene. It’s a great idea, one I wish I’d thought of myself.

Julie’s shower scene is a lovely, romantic piece, written to match my style (how flattering!) and to slide right into an existing chapter of Breaking Dawn from Twilight: The Missing Pieces. She made it so easy for me that I did just that, added it to the book.

You can find Julie’s new scene in “Chapter 8: Foreboding” in the Honeymoon Series of Breaking DawnFor anyone who tracks page numbers, this adds two pages to the chapter, but I didn’t alter the numbering in any subsequent chapters, so pages 107 and 108 are repeated in Chapter 9.

Check out this new little treat. Thank you Julie Vans!

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After Twilight: On the Trail of Erotica

So what does one do after Twilight fades? I’ve been pondering this question since I finished re-writing the Twilight Saga from Edward’s point-of-view. Readers have had many suggestions…to write Jacob and Renesmee’s story seems to be the most popular one, but there are others.

Of course, the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon sucked me into its vortex and I reveled in the alternate universe in which Edward & Bella (aka Christian & Ana) meet as humans and venture into the realm of BDSM. My friends who know more about this subject than I do tell me that Ana & Christian’s foray into Domination/submission is pretty flaccid stuff, but it was racy and fun and  “real” enough to satisfy me. (Honestly, The Story of O, while racy and explicit, ultimately turned my stomach. I do recommend it, though, if you want to check out the alternative to BDSM fluff.)

Curious as to the origins of a story such as Fifty Shades, I tapped into my favorite resource–the local library–to peruse its offerings in “BDSM” fiction. My online search yielded no hits (no surprise). I tried searching on “domination.” This gave me lots of hits, but they were of the “world domination” and fantasy warfare variety. So I stepped back and chose the broader term “erotica” and the database reluctantly gave up two book titles! Whoopty-doo. Never one to evacuate prematurely, I searched on the less accurate word, “erotic,” and finally the computer spit out eight or nine titles, three of them classics of the Victorian era, three of them anthologies of erotic short stories published by SPICE and PENTHOUSE. A limited victory.

I admit that I’m not a big fan of short stories. Just when you get invested in a set of characters, you reach the final paragraph and they’re out of your life forever. I prefer the longer-term commitment of a novel, so I bypassed the short story collections and found a couple of books that looked promising. By searching on those authors’ names, I persuaded the search engine to spit out another page of erotic book titles. To my surprise, all of these books contained either Dom/sub or ménage à trois/quatre relationships.

I have always avoided books in the “romance” genre because I thought Harlequin was its standard bearer and I was too embarrassed by the covers of those novels ever to pick one up. However, I imagined them to contain lots of heaving bosoms, aching loins, corset ripping, tremulous turgidity, and fading to black before the real sex begins.

Perhaps that used to be true, but modern romance, while still flaunting embarrassing cover art, no longer always ends with a kiss and a sigh and the loosening of undergarments. Like Fifty Shades, it is explicit, though the books often forsake a plot and interesting characters in favor of much stroking and pumping and licking and sucking and (heaven forfend!) orgasming. The male characters all sport ripped muscles and ruler-length equipment that remains serviceable for days at a time. As to profession, they are often Navy SEALS, Army Special Ops soldiers, and such, some of whom have semi-retired into private security firms, though you also can find cowboys, Texas Rangers, and cops/detectives.

All the men are gorgeous hunks, who are deeply romantic and committed and fully focused on satisfying their women, but they usually have some fatal flaw that gets in the way of their happiness. That is where the female comes in, of course…fixing them. And everyone lives happily sexed ever after. Ahh…the stuff dreams are made of.

As for the literary value of mass-market, modern erotica, it is the cotton candy of fiction–it will give you a big buzz followed shortly afterwards by the need for another fix. Don’t read these books to learn how to write, please. Even the best editing jobs aren’t very good, probably because the authors crank them out so fast. You’ll find themes and names and scenes are repeated across books when the writers run out of ideas. Having said all that, within this erotic romance universe, I happened upon some authors who stand out:

  • Megan Hart writes sad and often tragic, but unforgettable, stories with lots of erotic content (alas, no Navy SEALs)
  • Shayla Black has written series in every romance sub-genre (historical, supernatural, etc.), but her “Wicked Lovers” series hits a high mark in modern erotica (her Navy SEALS are into BDSM and menage)
  • Maya Banks writes a bit of everything in standard romance (from Highland warriors to moneyed tycoons) but her “Sweet” series looks promising as modern erotica
  • Lexi Blake writes the “Masters & Mercenaries” series (The Dom Who Loved Me being the first title, which I enjoyed for $2.99 on my Nook) and co-writes the “Masters of Menage” series with Shayla Blake (the first “Master” title is a little thin as if they needed one more co-writer, but the second title shows promise and the books are low priced)

I am happy to report that today I revisited my local library’s website and discovered when I searched on “erotic,” that the database returned one hundred thirty-eight (138) entries! Just in the last two weeks, somebody there has caught on that erotic fiction is in high demand right now. Almost every book has a long waiting list. (Fifty Shades has 120 people waiting.) Remarkably, one of the books that appeared in the list is a collection of gay vampire erotica! Talk about sub-genres!

This week I began documenting some of my ventures into erotic romance on the SHOP page of this website. I inserted links to all the Twilight books, movies, and music, and then added links to the Fifty Shades Trilogy, followed by some of the titles mentioned in this post. Clicking on them takes you to where you can buy the items* (or to Barnes & Noble for Nook e-books).

I’ve finally started buying titles for my e-reader and right now my collection includes quite a few books that would have embarrassing covers if I bought them in print. That is the beauty of the e-reader, my friends–nobody knows that you’re reading erotica (aka Mommy porn)!

P.A. Lassiter

*If you click there from here and buy anything, they’ll eventually pay me something like 4 cents on the dollar for referring you. My wallet thanks you.
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50 Shades of Twilight

For the last week or so, I have been consumed by the e-book phenomenon of E.L. James’ trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. Originally, Ms. James’ books were fan fiction efforts based on Twilight and somewhere along the way, she altered them enough to be published as original novels. For now, they are still only available as e-books, but last I heard, the novels were #1, #3, & #4 on Amazon’s best-sellers list.

Why is this interesting? Three reasons:
1) Twilight fans will recognize nearly every scene in these lengthy novels, which is a lot of fun because they’ve been moved around into a different story line and it’s fun to play “find the meadow scene” or “which character is which?”
2) “Christian Grey” is the human alter-ego of our favorite vampire, Edward. He’s as rich and as powerful as Bill Gates, as beautiful as Edward Cullen, and as dangerous to “Anastasia Steele” as Edward is to Bella. He’s terrified that what he wants to do to her will cause him to lose her. Like our own Edward, “Christian” is highly appealing, with a serious dark side, but with the soul of an angel hidden somewhere deep inside.
3) The novels have real sex…LOTS of real sex…and it is explicit, way kinky, and intensely erotic. Gatorade is probably your best choice of beverage to drink as you read. I’m just sayin’.

I was expecting a Twilight ripoff when I started the trilogy, and to be honest, the first seventy pages or so are not well-written and bored me mightily. But as the story continued, the tale permuted, turned in on itself, and morphed into its own tale in its own world. These are E.L. James’ first novels and I can relate to how one’s writing improves with practice. Altogether, the three books have some 1100 pages, so if you like them, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for quite a while.

This version of Edward, like the original himself, touched my soul, made me giggle, made me cry, gave me nightmares, kept me awake all night more than once, and well…wound me up tightly. All the books are NC-17 in content, with extremely explicit sex, so they’re not for everybody, but the intricate psychological drama that unfolds is in many ways, more compelling even than the sexy sex.

I have no doubt that reading these books will affect my own writings for the near future. “My Secret Garden” in the Private Diary of EAC was inspired by 50 Shades of Grey as is “My Year As A Sex Slave.”


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Edward’s Twilight Saga is Complete!

It’s been a year and a half since I began my little odyssey…rewriting the four books of the Twilight Saga from Edward Cullen’s point of view. Except for a few small improvements here and there and factual and grammatical error correction, which never really end, I finally declare it to be finished. It’s a moment filled with melancholy as I move on from living every moment in Forks with my favorite family.

I am continuing to add entries to Edward’s Diary, but I’m not certain how long the ideas will keep coming without living in his head every day. Already I find that I must research facts and details that were once cemented in my mind. Perhaps it is simply the hundreds and hundreds of pages I’ve written between the first and the last book. It seems a head can only hold so many details before the new begin to push out the old.

But on another note, I have begun working more regularly on my own first novel which for now has the working title of Miss Martha Browne. It is no longer a common practice for a writer to produce a book in the public eye. One generally disappears for the months (or years!) it takes to write it, polish it, and publish it before readers see any part of it. Here on this website, I am revisiting the old-fashioned serial approach where authors would produce a chapter every week or month, eventually completing an entire novel. Because I have written none of this novel in advance and the plotting is developing as I go, I have no idea how this will work out. I might find myself inserting chapters here and there or moving them around or who knows what? But it’s an adventure I take up with enthusiasm and pleasure.

So meet me, if you like, under the menu item “Other Projects” where I have already begun posting chapters to my newest story.

P. A. Lassiter

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Eclipse BATTLE SERIES Retires to the Blog

For those of you who remain interested in the BATTLE SERIES, the five chapters that originally summarized Eclipse as a  lead-in to Breaking Dawn, you can find them here in the Blog.

Moving the BATTLE SERIES off the Eclipse page keeps the confusion at a minimum for new readers. Here they are–and here they will stay–in their original form for those of you who might want to revisit them.   PAL

Night on the Mountain

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102,002 and Counting

Twilight: The Missing Pieces hit 100,000 views last week, as a loyal “Twihard” has brought to my attention. I like watching the numbers roll by, but this milestone came up so fast that it caught me off guard. So I went back to look at some numbers for the website in the year it has been up.

At the end of January last year, I loaded the first file onto the website and three weeks later began posting Midnight Sun chapters. I kept writing continuously for the entire year and am now a few chapters shy of finishing all of the Twilight Saga books written from Edward Cullen’s point of view.

That is not particularly remarkable, but this is:
It took 10 months for the website to hit 50,000 views and it’s taken only 3 more months to hit over 100,000. The growth rate of viewers is increasing geometrically. The site now has 340 files, 240 of which are text (chapters), 100 of which are pictures.

Let me welcome the readers from India, who number more than all but Americans. Other large numbers are coming from England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Philippines, Portugal, Hungary, and Malaysia.

Numbers on the rise include Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Bosnia, Estonia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Peru, Finland, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. More recently we’ve added visitors from Mongolia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, China, Algeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Malta, Mauritius, Israel, Indonesia, Kenya, Jamaica, Dominica, and Russia. And today, Korea.

I operate under the assumption that the number of Twilight fans is infinite, so these numbers are a drop in the bucket, but you all are welcome and so are your friends. Feel free to comment on anything you read or anything you’d like to read.

Phoebe Ann Lassiter

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The Essence of Twilight

Recently, I received an email from one of our number who has been inspired by Twilight in a most unusual way. She shared with me her love of the series and her creative manifestation of it and she’s given me her permission to tell you about it here.

You see, Heidi raises goats (among other things) and with the ready availability of goats’ milk, has taken to making soap. Not only are her soaps all natural, hypoallergenic, and wonderful on the skin, they are also uniquely designed to capture the essence of the Twilight characters themselves.

Here are two examples of what I’m talking about, directly from the Sunset Pines Naturals website.

Bella’s Scent is described as a very floral smell, like lavender . . . or freesia. Edward says “It’s mouthwatering.” Of course there are the lavender and freesia both, but we also have notes of rose, iris, violet, and soft musk to make her sexy, but also fresh and innocent. We decided that paprika in the base and a swirl using madder root gave us a lovely color palette to represent Bella.

Edward & Bella

Edward’s Scent is described as honey, lilacs and sunshine. We like to think he is young and sporty, clean and sexy, so to round him out, we’ve added a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, dry wood, and grapefruit. We’ve used turmeric in the base and cinnamon for a swirl to represent Edward’s bronze hair.

I can vouch for the excellence and inspirational qualities of these Twilight soaps in the highest possible terms. Not only are they “mouth-watering,” but they make your skin altogether stroke-able. I’ve been using the scent of Edward as inspiration by keeping a bar next to my computer and Bella makes the whole room smell wonderful. The rest of the characters are there too and they are equally special.

Find out for yourself by visiting the Sunset Pines Naturals website. Just reading the descriptions of Alice, Jacob, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, and Rosalie, not to mention Forks, The Volturi, and The Meadow are worth the visit!

Enjoy the heck out of them. I have! (And no, this is not a paid endorsement…)


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Breaking Dawn, The Movie

[Warning: strong opinions and spoilers below….]

I finally got to see the movie Breaking Dawn, Part I, and with the excuse of having a related blog, I thought I’d take a minute to express some opinions about it to get them off my chest as much as anything. I loved it, actually, and will undoubtedly see it a dozen more times. The highs in the movie were exceptional, but unfortunately, so were the lows.

Overall, I found it emotionally dramatic, riveting, especially the wedding, Bella’s pregnancy, and the birth. Kristen Stewart gave a subtle and emotional performance. For perhaps the first time, I really felt what she was feeling in this movie…love, lust, shyness, fear, and determination, and often, she expressed these feelings only in facial expressions and body language. Wonderful job.

Robert Pattinson’s performance should have been as good, as it always is (though he talks too fast), but I had the irritating feeling that the director or perhaps the film editor cut him off just when the camera should have been panning in and pausing. The wedding and birth scenes gave him better range, but the honeymoon scenes felted chopped and abbreviated, frustratingly so. I don’t know whether it was the direction, the film editing, or excessive censoring by the movie board (or the book’s author). More Edward, all the time! That’s my preference, in general.

The romance and sex were largely disappointing. This movie is where all of that build up should have hit its peak and been fulfilled, but the scenes seemed excessively edited, conservative, and lacking in sexual tension, which is a crime for this movie! I’m guessing that the scenes were filmed satisfactorily, but then were edited down to a G rating. I hope that an extended version will be released on video that is at least rated PG-13, but preferably R. For one thing, Edward should have been taking his shirt off all over the place and he didn’t once. (He had it off to swim and once in bed, but he never took it off. Big difference in a film.)

The wolves were given some delightful scenes, though once or twice they felt visually a bit cartoonish. The wolves were not large enough except in extreme closeup. Eclipse got the scale right; Breaking Dawn undersized them. I really enjoyed Jacob in this film. Taylor Lautner got to show some range and his acting gets better and better.

The script was wonderful. Melissa Rosenberg deserves a lot of credit for turning all the books into enjoyable movies. It’s not an easy job, especially for such beloved novels, and she hit all the right points in condensing them to two-hour movies. She’s my hero.

What the heck happened with the wigs and makeup? And how could anyone have made Rosalie and Carlisle less than stunning? During the hunger scenes at the house, I was very disappointed that just looking at the Cullens wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been. Sure, they were thirsty, but they should never look unattractive…

The music was wonderful and tied into the first Twilight movie beautifully. The costumes were excellent, too, and the set decoration. I could go on, but I’ll stop here, except for the long lists below of my favorite and least favorites elements of the movie.

No matter what, you have to see it.
p.s. Feel free to express your own opinions!

Wonderful Surprises:
Edward in the 1930s
Wedding toasts, especially Charlie, Jessica, & Emmett
Alice’s wedding cake scene
Wolf scenes
Seth’s paws
BooBoo Stewart, in general
Wolves attacking Esme & Alice
Ohmigod, the Dress!! (two dresses, actually)
Edward in his wedding tux
Kristen Stewart’s emotional performance
Visual depiction of Bella’s burning!
Swimming and waterfall scene
Alice & Jasper dancing
Edward resisting the lingerie
Edward spread-eagled across the headboard!
Newlyweds’ shyness before bedtime
Wedding setting, filming, set decoration
Filming of Bella starving, exceptional makeup–it was horrifying!
Charlie & Billy’s competition for Sue’s attention
Denalis (needed more differentiation & screen time for Tanya, though)
Beautiful boating scenes, Isle Esme’s beauty, funky Rio street scene
Jacob’s screen time

G-rated romance
Too-abbreviated love scenes
Cullens were not beautiful, esp. Carlisle and Rosalie! Hair colors were wrong!
Wigs & makeup looked phony (sometimes)
Way too many clothes on the honeymoon
A different actor for Sue!
Author’s cameo appearance
Bella & Edward didn’t dance
50% too short (I know…wishful thinking)
Bella’s bruises
Edward never takes off his shirt!

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