New Moon


New Moon: Edward

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9 Responses to New Moon

  1. Wolfy says:

    These are awesome,am gonna try to attempt constructive criticism, there’s to much sex in the books,like that’s all he thinks about,but they are great.

    Please don’t take offence, I love the books from his POV.๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ


    • Maren says:

      I think that Edward, like every “teenage” boy, does think a lot about sex when in love for the first time. That’s just natural. And just because Stephenie Meyer pretty much avoids the subject of Bella’s thoughts and intensions around sex (or she wouldn’t have to be able to sell the books to a younger audience) Bella seems to be the even more active part than Edward when it comes to pushing Edward to let loose and give in finally. Although we’ll never be able to listen to Bella’s thoughts on the subject because of the mentioned avoidance of Meyer’s, her actions speak for themselves, Edward always has to stop her before it goes too far.


  2. Samaha says:

    I REALY enjoy your writing. It’s more like you’ve got a magic pen, really. I <3ed it.


  3. Yay! says:

    Heeeeeeyyyyyy! so happy that ypu posted New Moon! so yeah! lol heyyyy, do you think you could jus skipp to the clock tower scene lo??!?!?!?! i think i’ll burst into thousand pieces like a werewolf if have to wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahah! but seriously D:<
    you need to get to the clock tower scene immeadiatly, CHICKA!!!!!!!!! Haha โค


  4. *sigh* says:

    *Ugh* i wanna read new moon from Edward’s POV!!!!!!!


    • palassiter says:

      Oops! You found a “bug” in my web site. Try clicking on the top-level menu of “New Moon” and you’ll get to the contents. Chapter 1 is available and I’m working on the second. PAL


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