Martha’s Photo Album

Martha’s House

This is the old Brown homestead in the northeastern Kentucky Hills. It has electricity now, but still no indoor plumbing. There’s a well on the property with a hand pump and a garden hose.

Wash House

Nearby is the old wash house where Mrs. Brown used to do the family’s laundry. She ran the hose from the pump to fill the wash tubs indoors and scrub the clothes by hand. She would use a hand-cranked wringer to squeeze the extra water out of the clothes and then hang them outside to dry. Nowadays, Floyd uses the wash house to clean and dry his purloined smoking tobacco.

Room With a View

The Brown outhouse where Martha hid her Daddy’s gift after his death. Notice the traditional new moon cutout above the door, which provides ventilation.

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood

Martha’s car is just like Johnny Cash’s Cadillac made famous in his song “One Piece at a Time.” [check out the video on YouTube]

Floyd’s 1956 Ford Pickup

This old beauty can carry quite a lot of hooch in one-gallon plastic jugs, covered with a tarp to deter the prying eyes of the ABC-ers (Alcohol Beverage Control Officers). Floyd lets the house fall apart, but he keeps the Regal Lady running. He even spray-painted the wheel rims red to jazz her up, but lately, he’s regretted doing that, since it makes the truck easier for the Law to spot on the road.

Granddaddy Murphy

Gideon’s favorite pet, Granddaddy Murphy, was a hulking western diamondback rattler brought to Kentucky from Texas by a traveling pentecostal preacher. Gid fed him well until he got too big to go to church. After he killed Edith, the family ate him for dinner.


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