Q & A: New Moon

Today, reader Katie asked a question about New Moon from Twilight: The Missing Pieces, and I thought I would share my answer with the followers of the blog.

Q: Which chapter of Edward’s story was the most challenging and which was the most fun to write?

A: The most challenging part of New Moon (Edward) was to fill the time between when Edward abandoned Bella and when he received the phone call from Rosalie telling him that Bella had died. What did he do all those months?

The only hint I had from Stephenie Meyer was that Edward “tracked Victoria” to Texas then to Rio de Janeiro. Ms. Meyer has said that she would never write Edward’s New Moon story because it would be boring, and I had a difficult time trying to make it not boring given how listless, alone, and depressed he was. Edward repeatedly buries himself in the ground in Texas, because he (as well as I) simply needed some time to pass.

No part of writing New Moon was “fun”, exactly, but some parts that captivated me were the scenes where Edward stares out his window in New York, obsessively counting things, while his family members kept interrupting him; and the scene where Carlisle finally grabs Edward around the chest and metaphorically squeezes life back into him, knocking him out of his depressive trance.

It was interesting to write about Alice meeting Edward in New Orleans, the conversations Edward overheard in his attic in Brazil, and the part about Demetri being gay and having the hots for Edward–a little comic relief in the difficult book (inspired by actor Charlie Bewley’s evocative physical appearance in Breaking Dawn, the movie). I enjoyed Edward’s interactions with the Volturi Guard in general: Corin, Felix, Demetri, and Jane and Alex too.

Research-wise, I was fascinated to learn about the colonias on the U.S.-Mexican border, the street children in Rio, the urban favelas in Brazil (so like the U.S. colonias) and, surprisingly, about surgical techniques of the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, in which Carlisle plays a part. I also thoroughly enjoyed making Victoria jump into a tank of sewage. Ha!

As for the hardest and most fun parts of the other books, they each have their own. I enjoyed writing the honeymoon sex scenes because they were just so…absent…in the original saga, and I really liked writing about Renesmee’s childhood in Edward’s Private Diary. I discovered a side of him we didn’t get to know much about in the original books, Edward as a father. I also enjoyed writing about Edward’s sexual angst in Midnight Sun and Eclipse, especially when he goes to his brother Emmett for advice. 🙂

Thanks for asking the question, Katie. -PAL


About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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8 Responses to Q & A: New Moon

  1. Victoria Fairbairn says:

    oh wow I have just finished reading Edwards version of events………..I was amazed at how excited I was with anticipation when reading this. It was like you knew what the reader was anticipating. With the original books there were places I felt were lacking depth but you did a wonderful job of filling in the gaps. My favourite parts were indeed the honeymoon……….loved every minute of it xxx


  2. JulieVans says:

    Oh I loved those same parts as well. I actually found it rather fascinating – and sad at the same time – none of it felt like ‘a waste of writing time’ or ‘boring’ to me. None at all. It all added depth to Edward. It also tied off the thread to Edward’s time away rather nicely.

    I felt like, in the original series, the books were far too thin. When he returned, Bella didn’t get angry, didn’t demand answers, and he just tells her he was tracking Victoria and that little bit is okay to her. Bella frustrated me with her lack of intense curiosity, what first drove her to unravel the mystery of Edward.


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Thanks, Julie. That’s an interesting point about Bella’s limited curiosity after Edward returned. When reading those scenes, I was mostly aware of Bella’s great anxiety that Edward would disappear as soon as the plane landed, and she just tried to stay awake so she could enjoy him for the brief time of the airplane trip. I suppose the conversation about what he was doing during the missing months happened over the summer following New Moon, and we readers didn’t get to see it.

      It still amazes me that a writer could create a world so compelling that producing four long novels–a tremendous amount of work–makes us readers wish we had four more. That’s a remarkable achievement. -PAL


  3. woodymac1012 says:

    That was one of my favourite parts of your new moon when he is in his room counting the leaves and insects my heart was aching for him and omg did I cry , but I have told you this before I really believe Miss Meyer could not have done as good a job as you did . I still shout it from the rooftops that any twilighter fans who feel disappointed over the way we were left not knowing how things turned out need to visit your site and get all their questions answered. I love this site and now have them all permanently on my I-pad to peruse at my leisure which is a lot , so again I thank you phoebe you are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to read some of your own published works .


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Hi there, B!
      I’m so pleased to know that you liked that scene. It nearly tore my heart out to write it, but it was okay because I knew things would eventually turn around. It’s great to know that you’ve gotten comfortable with all the technology. I remember when you were worried you wouldn’t find the website if you left your computer. 😉 xo, Phoebe Ann


      • when i very first wrote about loving new moon and how it made me cry this was the main part that got me right in the pit of my stomach , it was so gut wrenching i was actually upset for days , but for a book to be able to move someone is such a powerful gift and you certainly have got that …….cant wait to actually be able to purchase the Snake Handlers Daughter and get into your stories , you go girl i for one think you are amazing lol and yes i have just about sussed out how to download all the books with some help of cours .


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