Reflections on Breaking Dawn, Part 2

What with one thing and another, including personal preference, I waited this long to see Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2. I am riding a giddy high now, partly induced by the emotional soundtrack, which I stayed to listen to until the end of the credits. When I rose to leave, I was the only person left in the theater, which was fantastic. My own personal, stadium-sized, surround sound stereo system to listen to Nikki Reid sing her and her husband’s paeon to true love. Wonderful.

Aside from the music, the first thing that overwhelmed me about the movie was Melissa Rosenberg. Yes, the screenwriter. She is a writer/adapter of great talent. I can only imagine how difficult it has been to condense the entire Twilight Saga into ten hours of screen time and maintain even a scintilla of the Saga’s integrity. She managed to do justice to all four books. She’s my idol. I could only gape in wonder at what Ms. Rosenberg’s screen adaptation did for Breaking Dawn in the final scenes. The book had many detractors based on the “cop-out” of the final showdown scene with the Volturi. (Though, personally, I didn’t want anybody to die. Not even tattletale Irina.) Melissa Rosenberg fixed that issue in a big, big way.

The second thing that struck me as I sat alone in the theater is that Edward and Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan are literally immortal. I am convinced that these characters have gouged their way into our cultural consciousness (worldwide) such that their names and story will never die. (There’s a similarity here to a certain Biblical character in that regard, but that subject is beyond the scope of this blog.)

The third thing that struck me about the movie was once again, Kristen Stewart. She was Bella. She lived and breathed Bella throughout the Saga, but she truly caught her stride in Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and continued bringing Bella to life—though as a vampire—just as skillfully in Part 2.

The fourth thing that sticks with me is Jacob. Tyler Lautner, though a young, rather inexperienced actor when he began the Saga, has matured a great deal. I don’t know whether he will turn out to be a great actor, but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job with Jacob. I strongly suspect that Jacob Black has influenced who Tyler has become as an adult man and not only because Jacob has made him famous.

The sex scenes were a bone of contention for me in Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and the second movie proves to me that PG-13 movies can have reasonably fulfilling sex scenes if they’re well-directed. I’d still love to see the R-rated version of Breaking Dawn (for sex, not for gore), but I can accept the limitation of the youthful rating now because I enjoyed the lovemaking scenes in this film.

The extended cast was so wonderful in Breaking Dawn, Part 2 that I wish they all had had twice the screen time they got. Characters who especially caught my attention were Benjamin, Garrett, Zafrina, and the creeptacular Stefan and Vladimir. But Alistair was wonderful, as was Amun, and I’d liked to have seen a lot more of the Amazons, the Irish coven, and the other nomads, including Peter and Charlotte. The casting of Wendall Pierce as J. Jenks was a wonderful surprise and I loved how they added a Japanese vampire to the mix.

Yes, I had some problems with the movie, particularly in the area of makeup and wigs, again! Aside from Jasper, none of the Cullens had anywhere near the beauty of the characters as Catherine Hardwicke originally filmed them in Twilight.That is a huge failure when you consider that Ms. Hardwicke’s budget was so low that she had to loan Kristen Stewart her own clothing to film certain scenes. Breaking Dawn’s budget was so large that [insert ridiculously large joke here]. I just got the feeling that neither the director nor the makeup crew for Breaking Dawn read the books well enough to understand how important it was that the vampires were stunningly gorgeous after transformation. The other big problem was the animation of Renesmee. What can I say that hasn’t already been said by everyone? Nothing. It was not good. Really not good. I had to look away several times.

I’ve saved my best sentiment for last:  I loved Edward. My Edward. Your Edward. Thank you Robert Pattinson for doing him justice all along and making him just a little more real for us. Both his and Edward’s names will live forever, whether RPattz likes it or not.


About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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6 Responses to Reflections on Breaking Dawn, Part 2

  1. BrendaOf6 says:

    I too was always deeply offended by the wigs used after Twilight. But I once watched an interview where they asked Elizabeth and Nikki about their hair, and I will forgive them for using wigs in later movies … although I wish the wigs had been better. Nikki bleached her dark hair for Twilight, and Elizabeth colored hers, I think, but for both of them the result was that their hair started falling out! Yikes! Yeah … they could have at least used the same wigs movie to movie. Vampire’s hair doesn’t change!


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Nicki’s wig was green!. Or green-brown, anyway. Or was it just my bad eyes? That I could not forgive for a golden-haired beauty. Still, I hear what you’re saying. I recently bleached my brunette hair blond for a goof. This experience is the 8th ring of hell and it came out yellow-orange, rather than the platinum I’d hoped for! Woof. So I colored it fuchsia. Heh. 🙂 PAL
      p.s. I finally finished the edited BD pdf. Despite our crossed wires, I still appreciate your huge efforts on that project. Hope you like the new version.


  2. Zeenal says:

    I love Robert Pattinson more than anything. And Edward…(dont be offended but…) is mine.


  3. JulieVans says:

    Oh good review! I’m glad you were finally able to go and see it! I agree with all you said – and can overlook the qualms for the greater good 🙂 Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the only Twilight Saga I read before seeing the movie (I’m a late coming to the craze – very late!). I didn’t feel that they misrepresented the characters (the extended cast such as Garrett and Stefan) – it was all how I imagined it to be and it was thrilling to see it on screen long after sinking into the books. Makes me sort of wish I joined the thrill in the very beginning.


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