Twilight Stories In Between

In case you still are looking for new Twilight stories to read, a Facebook friend (Chandrakanta Fanfiction) has recommended some Bella and Edward stories that take place during the summer between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn when the happy couple is preparing for their wedding.The first one is suitable for teenagers (13+) and the remaining three are mature (17+).

1. Fifty-Eight Nights by Eowyn77

Eowyn77’s description: Bridge between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The newborns are defeated, the wedding date is set. All that stands between Bella, Edward, and “a happy place” is time…. Alternating POV.

2. Prelude by BellaDonnaCullen (Marie)

This story is written from Bella’s point-of-view and begins with a note from Marie: Please be patient while I lay the groundwork for the story, and get a few SM necessities out of the way. And if you stick with it there is lots of action and lemony* sweetness ahead.

3.  Up All Night by BonitaChic

This story, also in Bella’s voice, begins like this: There had been some interesting changes in our relationship since our last trip to the meadow. The day he had offered me everything and I – shockingly – decided to wait. As the new ‘protector of my virtue’, my boundaries were a lot less strict than his had been and we had both been enjoying the new experiences. I knew though, that it was difficult for him to walk this tightrope between virtue and what he considered vice. But I was developing a plan.

4. Perspective by ekimmuh

The final story is written from Edward’s point-of-view and includes a teaser paragraph: Edward seeks out the counsel of his father and brothers after agreeing to be with Bella after their wedding. What will Edward do with that advise and how will he and Bella prepare for their upcoming wedding night.

Enjoy the work of these fanfiction authors and let us know what you think!

*Lemon refers to a sexually explicit scene in fanfiction.

About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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One Response to Twilight Stories In Between

  1. Tammy Ward says:

    I absolutely love these fan fiction stories.!!! Can’t wait to read them all.


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