Great Finds, Lost Time

All my fears about getting hooked up on social media sadly have proven true…and then some. I am the proud owner of two Facebook pages, a Twitter account, a Pin It! account and am considering a second blog. Social media are viruses that spread readily through web contact with persons you don’t know very well, if at all.

Predictably, I have experienced a certain hubris over the insightful, the hilarious, and the outrageous offerings all around. I find myself wasting whole mornings poking around and avoiding my “real” work. In spite of the downside, I’ve also found some treasures to share with you.

Does Bella Make Love? That was the question I posed a couple blogs posts ago, prompted by a reader who asked whether I could recommend stories of Bella’s honeymoon written from her point-of-view. Not being a fanfiction reader, I had to ask for help and received it in spades. (Many thanks to Chandrakanta Fanfiction for her expertise.) All of these stories contain explicit sex and are meant for mature audiences only.

The first fanfiction entry is canon (meaning it follows Stephenie Meyer’s original story) and is written through Bella’s eyes.

1. Warmth by KatieBelleCullen

First paragraph:
“As the ocean water began to lap at my shoulders, I realized how warm I was. The water that encompassed my body was warm. The need that was growing in the pit of my stomach felt warm. Even Edward was warm. I was suddenly reminded of my threat to spontaneously combust if Edward refused to grant me my one wish. How wrong I had been! This would surely be the cause of combustion. This moment I had been waiting for seemed to already be stoking small flames around and inside me. It was a glorious sensation. Who knew so much heat could feel so good?”

The next story is also canon, but written in third person (with an omniscient narrator). Like the first, it begins with the honeymoon swim.

2. Isle Esme: The Lost Chapters written by Lalina

It begins like this:
“Edward pulled Bella’s body flush with his own as he moved into the deeper water of the ocean. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, winding her fingers in his wet hair. She pressed her breasts up against his cool, marble chest and felt her nipples harden in response. She was pleased that even though his upper body was still cool that the rest of him, immersed in the warm water, was almost the same temperature as her own.”

The third piece moves away from canon, bit by bit, but it is wonderfully erotic and the author really captures Bella’s personality.

3. Let Your Light Shine by LolaShoes

It begins: Edward placed his hands under my arms and lifted me up, gazing into my face. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my legs hanging down in front of him. His arms, almost warm from the water, wrapped around my back. I tangled my hands in his hair and rubbed the nape of his neck softly with my fingertips. He carried me until the warm water reached just below our shoulders, then bent to kiss me.

“Bella,” he murmured against my lips. “My wife.”

If you’re on Facebook and are interested in the vast world of Twilight fanfiction, check out the group Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. It’s a wealth of links to everything from Darkward stories, to Redward stories, to Mobward stories and lots, lots more. And no, I didn’t know what any of that meant either until I checked it out!

In my next post, I’ll share some terrific Fifty Shades of Grey finds!

About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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2 Responses to Great Finds, Lost Time

  1. jazzgirl317 says:

    Lola’s VampWard Trilogy should be required reading for all TwiFanFic readers. So much great there!


    • PA Lassiter says:

      Thanks for the note, Jazzgirl317! I neglected to mention that the third piece is a trilogy. (The link above will let you see them all.) The three parts are: Let Your Light Shine, A Life Extraordinary, and A Hungry World.
      It is classified as an AU (alternate universe) story. Really well written. PAL


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