The Essence of Twilight

Recently, I received an email from one of our number who has been inspired by Twilight in a most unusual way. She shared with me her love of the series and her creative manifestation of it and she’s given me her permission to tell you about it here.

You see, Heidi raises goats (among other things) and with the ready availability of goats’ milk, has taken to making soap. Not only are her soaps all natural, hypoallergenic, and wonderful on the skin, they are also uniquely designed to capture the essence of the Twilight characters themselves.

Here are two examples of what I’m talking about, directly from the Sunset Pines Naturals website.

Bella’s Scent is described as a very floral smell, like lavender . . . or freesia. Edward says “It’s mouthwatering.” Of course there are the lavender and freesia both, but we also have notes of rose, iris, violet, and soft musk to make her sexy, but also fresh and innocent. We decided that paprika in the base and a swirl using madder root gave us a lovely color palette to represent Bella.

Edward & Bella

Edward’s Scent is described as honey, lilacs and sunshine. We like to think he is young and sporty, clean and sexy, so to round him out, we’ve added a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, dry wood, and grapefruit. We’ve used turmeric in the base and cinnamon for a swirl to represent Edward’s bronze hair.

I can vouch for the excellence and inspirational qualities of these Twilight soaps in the highest possible terms. Not only are they “mouth-watering,” but they make your skin altogether stroke-able. I’ve been using the scent of Edward as inspiration by keeping a bar next to my computer and Bella makes the whole room smell wonderful. The rest of the characters are there too and they are equally special.

Find out for yourself by visiting the Sunset Pines Naturals website. Just reading the descriptions of Alice, Jacob, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, and Rosalie, not to mention Forks, The Volturi, and The Meadow are worth the visit!

Enjoy the heck out of them. I have! (And no, this is not a paid endorsement…)



About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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3 Responses to The Essence of Twilight

  1. Sunsets says:

    Aww PAL and Scarlett…..thanks!!! xoxoxo I appreciate your compliments and obviously your love of all things Twilight!!! (and now I’m blushing just like Bella!)

    xoxoxo, Heidi


  2. Scarlett says:

    I agree! The soaps are wonderful, and the Twilight scents are perfect! I have placed a different scent in each room of my house. My favorite characters are also my favorite scents – Jasper and Alice.


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