New Moon or Eclipse — A Poll

So fair friends, the end of Breaking Dawn has come and it seems just as sad this time as it did the first time. At least now we have lots more pages to re-read (after a suitable waiting period, of course).

And now what? A number of people have made requests for Edward’s versions of New Moon and Eclipse, as well as filling gaps between the books. I have heard great reasons for doing all of the above.

New Moon will be more of a challenge to write, because Edward doesn’t have Bella to bounce off of for most of the book. Still, it would be nice to know what he does during his depressing six months. I will warn you that after a few months, he more or less curls into a ball and stays there. Depression will do that to you. This book will be shorter than Eclipse and much shorter than Breaking Dawn for that reason.

Eclipse would be good to do because, as far as I know, nobody else has written Edward’s version and I’ve already completed part of it. Eclipse will be longer than New Moon and shorter than Breaking Dawn, but relatively easy to write.

Since I don’t have a clear preference, I will set up a poll here, this time allowing only one vote per voter so it will be harder to stuff the ballot box. I’ll keep the poll open for one week and then I will do my best to write whatever the majority of the readers want, assuming that I am able.

In the meantime, I’m working on some diary entries and I have started a novel of my own. I might introduce you to the main character when she’s ready to come out.

Please Vote!



About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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4 Responses to New Moon or Eclipse — A Poll

  1. thomas says:

    Firstly i consider it selfish of us not let you write the novel of your own, since you have already started doing it…(selfish of me at least, didnt mean to offense the others 🙂 )

    But like the rest, im a fun of Twilight so i’d much like to read all the books, out of Edward’s perspective. So i say whatever makes you happy, since you are the one who will spend time on this (whatever is that you will decide to do).

    However, if you decide to write about Twilight (New Moon or Eclipse) i would prefer you to start from New Moon and then go for the Eclipse, writing about Edward’s thought between the books is also an awsome idea (I know, i know, im greedy 😛 ).

    By the way your writing is really good and it feels really nice and enjoyable for me to read you. Keep up with your good work and be well…!


  2. asunder73 says:

    I think that New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn all have EPOV versions floating about the fanfiction universe; however ony you have perfectly managed to capture his voice, mannerisms, rationale and character and are the only at this point that could do New Moon and Eclipse from Edward’s point of view justice.

    Then, I want to know what he was thinking between the end of Twilight and the beginning of New Moon that finally prompted him to leave. I can’t help but feel that Rosalie with all her regrets and harping about lost opportunities for growth and children contributed to the decision. That’s what made her making the call about Bella’s death so unforgivable. She only began (barely) to redeem herself during Breaking Dawn and even then, it was less about Bella’s right to choose than about her having access to a child.


    • palassiter says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I’ve made a point of not reading others’ fanfiction because it’s too easy to steal ideas accidentally. So my knowledge of what is out there is limited.
      Your thoughts about New Moon are extremely interesting. Now I think that the summer before New Moon should be included in Edward’s POV of NM because as you say, he didn’t decide to leave only because Jasper lost it one night. At the end of Twilight (and Midnight Sun), he was already talking about leaving after James hurt Bella. Putting the summer months in the book would also fill it out and make up for the lost months when he turns to stone. PAL


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