New Life Series is On…

Did I forget to mention that the New Life Series has begun? The post-Bella’s change, second honeymoon, Renesmee part of Breaking Dawn. Perhaps so. It sneaked up on me.

The beginning of this series, at least, is a bit tricky. Bella and Edward, understandably, are together every second for several days. When they are together and I’m writing Edward’s POV, the only real freedom that exists to deviate from the continual conversation is in Edward’s head, i.e., his thoughts or his memories. He doesn’t even dream, so if I want to give him an experience separate from Bella, it can’t even be in his sleep. I can add conversation that Bella didn’t include in her account, but it has to fit in with the ongoing conversation.

When I get to one of these sections, such as at the end of Eclipse, or here after Bella’s change, I have this moment or two when I wonder whether I should just skip ahead instead of repeating all of SM’s dialog. After re-reading Chaps 19-20, I thought the writing was still worth reading, but Chap 21 is giving me some trouble. Not that I’ll give up, mind you, I just have to find the right idea to keep going. And I will.

See ya soon…PAL

About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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1 Response to New Life Series is On…

  1. Edwardsgal says:

    I think you are doing a great job with the internal dialog Edward has going on with his family. Good luck as you find your way through the rest!!


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