Missing in Action

Hi friends,

The last three days have been difficult. A virus took down my system on Sunday night and destroyed my hard drive. Because most of the Twilight files are posted here, I can recreate them, with the exception of the ones I was working on that hadn’t yet been posted (of course). I’d written a couple of new diary entries and had started work on the pre-wedding series for Edward. While waiting to get back online, I re-wrote much of the latter in long-hand, something I have not done in many moons.

I’d been intending to slap up a diary entry every day or every other day while working on the Engagement series (which will be just a few chapters) and I’m still planning to do that, but there will be a couple more days’ break before I’ve recreated the pieces that I lost.

So, I’m back now and will start posting again soon. Thanks for your comments in the interim.  PAL


About PA Lassiter

P.A. Lassiter is a multi-published author currently writing a series of novels set in rural Kentucky. Late at night she impersonates Edward Cullen at Twilight: The Missing Pieces.
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2 Responses to Missing in Action

  1. Edwardsgal says:

    Sorry to hear you were hit with a virus. I actually was as well yesterday and I was afraid I would miss your next post. I have been rereading midnight sun while waiting 🙂 I can’t get enough!!


  2. Janet says:

    Thanks for the update! So sorry to hear about the virus. Looking forward to more postings when you get a chance.


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